31 Days 2016

31 Days of Living Intentionally

Day   1: Welcome 
Day   2: Why that word, why that topic
Day   3: Where do I start?
Day   4: What Hinders Us?
Day   5: My Vision Board
Day   6: Intentional Words
Day   7: At the beach--no post
Day   8: At the beach--quick post
Day   9: At the beach--no post
Day 10: At the beach--no post
Day 11: Body, Soul and Spirit
Day 12: Body
Day 13: Body Image
Day 14: Loving your Body
Day 15: Body Movement
Day 16: Feeding our Bodies
Day 17: Intentional Soul
Day 18: No time today :)
Day 19: Nourishing the soul part 1: Mind
Day 20: Crazy Day, no post
Day 21: Crazy Day #2, no post
Day 22: Nourishing the soul part 2: Will
Day 23: You guessed it, life got busy
Day 24: Yep, no time!
Day 25: Nourishing the soul part 3: Emotions

Day 26: :( 
Day 27: Nourishing your spirit part 1
Day 28: Nourishing your spirit part 2
Day 29: Nourishing your spirit part 3
Day 30:
Day 31: Conclusion: Links, book lists, etc.

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