Living Intentionally: What Hinders Us

Good morning friends. It's dark and wet this morning..I miss when it was light at 5:30 am. I don't do dark well. 

Because I wasn't hyper organized and didn't have 31 days of what I'd write about completely planned out (which I think is awesome by the way...I just didn't do it). I'm kind of going with what comes to me at some point the day before or the morning of, which is funny because I'm really not a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of person. But often, with blogging, it works out pretty good that way. 

The thought that came to me this morning as I sat down was, "what hinders us"? What hinders you from being intentional? Is it fear? old habits? insecurity? laziness? busyness? 
You might ask, "well, isn't what I do everyday already "intentional?" Not necessarily. Sometimes we just go through life doing what we always do, not really being invested in it, invested in making a difference, invested in making changes, and that, I believe is the difference. I can live each day without being fully invested or engaged in it and because of that, we have to look at what is hindering us from doing so.

"You should live your life in such a way as to intentionally invest every minute of it".....Sunday Adelaja

I love that quote. I want to be invested and engaged in every minute, whether large or small. 

So, spend some time today just reflecting on how you approach your day. What do you notice? Do you run in and out of the stores, never making eye contact or talking to anyone else? Do you hustle the kids here and there without really engaging in conversation? Do you just do your job and go home? What did you do just for you? 

What did you notice about how you approach your day?

What do you think hinders you from being more intentional?

For me, it's usually habits, busyness and a little fear mixed in (when it comes to trying something new). Once we are aware of what hinders us, I think it will be easier (hopefully) to make some changes.

Have a great day!

With Joy Unquenchable,


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