Living Intentionally: Nourishing your Spirit Part 1

Spirit = The inner true self of a person, the inner quality or nature of a person, animating or vital principle in man, your attitude to life or to other people

We're coming down to the end of the month and I managed to get most of the days posted. Life happens sometimes and there were days I just couldn't get to it. Sometimes you just have to put other things first. I blog as a hobby so if I miss days, it's okay. Me, myself and I don't mind. Haha. I've been terrible about getting around to some of the other blogs I started reading. I need to play some catch up. Maybe this weekend.

So as we end the month, we'll take a day or two to talk about nourishing your spirit. This, like everything else will look different for everyone. Everyone's need will be different, everyone's method will be different. You have to do what's best for you. Tonight is short and sweet. I've been fighting a nasty headache all day, and just can't seem to focus. 

Think of you, in terms of spirit, your inner, true self (I love that definition), your inner qualities and nature, your outlook on life, people, the attitude and essence with which you live life. We often hear terms like "mean-spirited", "Crushed spirit", "free spirited" "zest for life". How would you describe your spirit? 

When you think of your spirit, what comes to mind? Have life circumstances dealt you a blow? Are you thriving? Where are you at? What needs to change? 

Think on those things tonight, and tomorrow we'll talk more. I'll leave you with this...I thought it was cute, yet so true.

With Joy Unquenchable,


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