Living Intentionally: Body

Good morning friends, I hope you've found some inspiration these last 12 days. I know I have. I've been reading several other blogs who are also participating in the Write 31 Days Challenge and I've found a common theme of Intentionality and authenticity. What I love is everyone approaches it a bit differently and it's been fun reading them all. My hope is that in all its simplicity here, you will get some nuggets to take away with you as you make the decision to make you a priority. That's what this is all about. Realizing that you are worth it, you need to be a priority, for your sake and everyone else's. It's not selfish, it's necessary. 

Yesterday I mentioned that we are made up of 3 parts. Body, Soul and Spirit. I thought today we'd start by talking about being intentional with our bodies. Your body needs love, nourishment, kindness, pushing, awareness, honesty, and little push past comfort zones sometimes. 

Take some time to think about ways you want to be more intentional with your body and make a list. Remember, there's really no wrong answer, and this isn't necessarily "goals", like losing 50 pounds. Maybe you do need to lose 50 pounds, but rather than writing that down, think of small ways to be intentional which will lead to that end result. Maybe it might look like; drink more water (be specific with how much you want to drink), exercise 3 days a week, eat a healthy breakfast, etc...

For me personally, I know that I am often not as intentional with my body as I should be, but I'm aware of that and am determined to continue the journey of intentionality. Below are just a few of the things I have written down and I'm sure I'll add more as I go. 

Exercise least 3-4 times a week. Just do something, anything, just move!!
Eat intentionally...Am I hungry?What am I choosing? 
Be consistent with taking supplements
Drink plenty of water (carry my water bottle at all times)
Speak love to my body (remember the power of our words)
Reduce stress (this takes a huge toll on our physical body)
Stop comparing my body with others

What about you? Did you make a list? Did you make a plan to implement what you wrote? How will you be intentional? Maybe you have a list, but maybe you will work at being intentional with just one at a time for a few weeks. Small steps are better than no steps. I'll leave you with this quote today. I know that some people have the mentality of "I'm going to die anyways, I might as well eat what I want and do what I want". But wouldn't you want to live longer and be healthy throughout that life? We'll talk more later. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


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