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Welcome to my part of the world, where I am a mom, wife, Nonni, daughter, sister, friend and a woman who knows she is madly loved by God and who is madly in love with Him! I was born in England (military dad), and lived in Florida and Ohio (where both my parents were born and raised) before my family settled in Washington State. My mother passed away in 2005 and I miss her every minute of every day, but her influences have stayed with me and I see pieces of her in my daughters and as I get older, in myself more and more. 

My hubby and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Southwest Washington state. We have been married since 1992. We have two amazing daughters and now an amazing son-in-law and as of this update, (2021) two grandbabies, a boy (Indiana 2 1/2) and a girl Pepper (1 week). We homeschooled our girls, until they were juniors in HS when they both took part in the local Community Colleges Running Start Program, so they graduated with both HS diplomas and AA degrees. We spent A LOT of time watching soccer games and golf matches (their preferred sports)...and working around our house and property when we find time.

We are in the process of building Phase Two of our house. You can read about our building journey in these posts. This has been a long journey but worth it. We also work outside the home, my hubby for a restoration company, and I at our local postal annex.

I love to garden, read, cook and spend probably way too much time browsing the internet. I'm very good at window shopping. I love learning new things (but am sometimes intimidated to try them). I'm not a fan of cleaning, but like a clean house!  I can talk to anyone, anywhere, but can also be an introvert too. I'm not always the most confident, but will definitely challenge others to be. 

(Christmas 2020)

This blog is a journal of our everyday life. Whatever comes to my mind goes to these pages. Sometimes they are blank because I suppose nothing comes to my mind. It will probably never win any awards (it's not focused enough for that I'm sure) and I'm okay with that. It may never get 50 followers, but it is a creative outlet for myself. Inside these virtual pages you'll find recipes, tips, stories, pictures (I love taking pictures), but I hope within the posts you'll find a new friend! 

So sit back and enjoy. Take time to browse older posts...I'm sure you'll find something to entertain you and if you feel led share it with others, and follow me on Facebook. 

I chose a cute, whimsical theme for my blog header because I want to remind myself to allow whimsy to be a part of my life, to be childlike, and to make life fun. 

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