Living Intentionally: Body Movement

My biggest struggle in being intentional with my body is exercise. My brain wants to do it but then I talk myself out of it because of "all I have to do", because the reality of it is that I'm simply not making it a priority and scheduling time to do it. Yet, I know how vitally important movement is to our bodies. Any movement. Movement isn't just about wanting to look good, but it's about the health of our bodies. Looking stronger and more fit is just a by product. Even if you never lost weight but moved everyday for at least 20-30 minutes I bet your health would improve. But, even with that knowledge, we struggle to get it done. Why do you think that is? I think for me, where I'm at right now, it's hard, I worry about hurting a body part or two, but ultimately they are just excuses, and I need to overcome those. As we get older it's important also that we stretch (another thing I'm not so good at). Yoga is a great way to incorporate keeping our bodies flexible and strong.

What if we just said physical activity instead of exercise. Maybe that would be less intimidating. Maybe it would spur more ideas of what we can do. What are some benefits of regular activity?

1. It does help control weight
2. It improves mood and attitude
3. It helps combat health conditions and disease
4. It boosts energy
5. It promotes better sleep

Dr. Josh Axe's website shares more benefits on this link along with other great information. 

While this is the biggest area in need of attention for me, I have some favorite videos, FB pages, etc, that I really like. Now, I just need to implement. I'll share them below and you can check them out if you'd like. I'll post links as well to make it easier 


* Biggest Loser Dvd's (I have two of theirs)
*Jillian Michaels (she's tough, but good)
* Denise Austin
* Beach Body 21 day Fix
* Danette May (this gal is so encouraging and uplifting)

FB Pages:

Dr. Josh Axe
Danette May
Monica Gagne
Melanie Ash Fitness
Kate Neal Fitness
Pop Sugar Fitness

Iphone Apps:

My Fitness Pal
7 Minute Workout (there are a couple apps, but they are good)
Popsugar Active

These pages and apps are encouraging, easy to follow and don't take hours, they just take intentionality and a willingness to do them. 

Over the summer I participated in a 21 day push up challenge. It was hard but I did it and I was proud of myself. I felt stronger. However, when it was over, I stopped doing them, I wasn't taking video of myself and posting it and that accountability was gone. So if accountability is what you need find a way to get it. 

Find what will work for you. Maybe it's joining a gym, or finding a workout partner, or something else, but just find what will work for you. I'll do the same. Maybe it's getting up from your desk every 10 minutes and stretching or doing some squats, maybe it's walking around the block a few times a day. My hubby works with a gal who has a special desk that goes over a treadmill that she uses daily. 

Tomorrow we'll hit on eating intentionally and then we'll move on to being intentional with our soul.

With Joy Unquenchable,


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