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Recipe: Lamb and Beef Gyros

Hello friends! It's been a bit since I've posted. I keep meaning to, but I just struggle to sit down and do it. As much as I'd love to post something everyday, I don't think that's realistic, so maybe once a week is more doable. 

So, I have taken on a new venture of Virtual Assisting. I've actually done it for one blogger's FB page for a few years and really enjoyed it. I've since taken on another blogger and learning even more things. I really enjoy helping these gals be even more successful and doing whatever it takes. I love researching content for their page. It's been a great deal for me. I'm working on managing my time so I can also make time for things like my own blog, reading,'s easy for me to get caught up in tasks because I really enjoy what I do. 

Last week my oldest daughter asked if she and her hubby could come over for lunch so we could talk about our Florida trip later this summer. I was originally going to make these

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