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DIY Photo Flip Book for Babies

Friends, life has been such that I haven't taken much time to post. I don't even think I posted about my daughters baby shower or my new grandson...I have one of those now. Indiana Quinn is now 11 months old. Guess what...he has a dog named Jones. Too cute right? He has filled our lives with so much joy! Maybe I'll do a one year post. 

(Indiana and Jones....taken close to Christmas time)
Okay, back on track. This DIY project was inspired by Indiana's love for the canvas photos hanging on our walls. He has always been fascinated by them, always wanting to look at them and touch them. Even now, he'll point, wanting to be picked up to look. He just loves pictures.

I remembered seeing a photo board book online that you could buy for kids. However, the price was more than I wanted to spend. I knew I could probably make something that would work just as well. What I ended up with is simple, but he loves it. 

Supplies Needed:

Photos of baby's favorite people (I did 4x6 siz…

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