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Bloganuary 2023......Days 22-31

Day 22:   What was your dream job as a child:   When I was a child I always wanted to be a librarian or a teacher. I loved reading and I really loved going to the library with a pencil and paper and looking through the card catalog to find the book I needed or wanted. I loved learning about the dewey decimal system. I suppose if I was going to be a teacher it would have been english because it was my favorite subject and went a long with reading and writing. I did not become either, however, I did homeschool my daughters (so yes, that does count as teaching) and I still have a love of books, bookstores and libraries. As I have gotten older, I have thought owning a bookstore/coffee shop would be fun, and we actually found one for sale when we were on vacation in New Hampshire. We had fun playing around with the idea of buying it. Maybe someday.  Day 23: What's a lie you tell yourself?: Oh, we sadly tell ourselves so many lies. The one I have told myself too often is that I'm not

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