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UPDATED POST: I originally posted this in 2015 and well, it's still all true today. I seem to love buying planners like people love buying shoes. I also realize that as my life changes my planner needs change. The girls are older and I don't have their schedules to track quite as much, so simpler seems to work best. Right now I'm kind of in between what I want to do. So the below picture is what I've been doing. My husband saw this the other day and was like "why don't you just do this all on your phone or tablet". Me: "You just don't understand. I love paper". LOL. The monthly calendar just has stuff like appointments, (which are also on phone), bills I need to pay, etc. The little book is to do's and the other is for the FB page I VA for. I would like to whittle it down to one or two but just not sure. I really like the Bloom Daily Planners, and that may be the route I go. It really depends on your personal need. Since this post I re-a…

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