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Taking in Life Around Me....Sunday Stills....Night

This weeks #Sundaystills theme from Second Wind Leisure is "Night". Find Terri's current post here. I'm going to share photos that I have taken in the past because our weather has not been overly cooperative to going out and taking photos lately and honestly I've let my photo taking slack.  Night photography has always been challenging because if you're using a "big girl" camera you need to get the settings right, have the right lens, an understanding of light and how things work, etc. I've done a lot of reading, tried to get it right, and I think I've gotten better. I recently got a new lens with some Christmas bonus money so I'm excited to try it out. For now enjoy my attempts from the past.  Our home after a good snow. I can't remember what year, but at night, all the snow makes everything look so bright.  My girls both played club and HS soccer...night games were always a struggle for me to photograph. I eventually started renti

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