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Weekend Coffee Share....Come Sit with Me.

It's another week of Weekend Coffee Share. I always love everyone's posts. Are you like me and try to visit everyone? It doesn't always happen but I try. I have loved getting to know different bloggers and I figure if they take the time to write a post, I'll find the time to visit, even if it's a week later.  If we were having coffee we'd probably talk about: The Weather : FINALLY....The weather the next week is supposed to be sunny, maybe a few partly cloudy days, but mostly sunny! That makes me happy. We'll take partly cloudy with no rain any day!! What we're thinking about : Well, let me tell you! I really have got to keep my focus when I'm doing things that involve the kitchen. In fact, I just should NOT leave the kitchen. Long story short...I got distracted yesterday and overflowed my kitchen sink in the NEW part of the house. I caught it fast enough (thankfully I hadn't left the house, just in the other room) BUT it was still a lot of water

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Weekend Coffee Share......Come Sit with Me