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Weekend Coffee Share....Come Sit with Me

I t's another week of Weekend Coffee Share. I always love everyone's posts. Are you like me and try to visit everyone? It doesn't always happen but I try. I have loved getting to know different bloggers and I figure if they take the time to write a post, I'll find the time to visit, even if it's a week later. I truly enjoy what you all share and I often learn so much.  Check out all the other posts on  Weekend Coffee Share ,  hosted by  Natalie the Explorer . I'm off to go visit some now. #weekendcoffeeshare. If we were having coffee, we'd probably talk about:  First, once again, I never made it around to commenting. Shoot, I haven't even made it around to reply to comments on my own posts. Ughh! I'm so sorry. I mean, maybe you don't notice, but I always feel bad, and since I'm a smaller blog with not much traffic, I sure notice when no one comments..and I have a few people that I enjoy seeing their comments. Anywho...I can't promise it&#

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