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New York Trip Post 2: What to pack, Camera Information

If you haven't read post #1 about our trip to NYC, read about it here. Today,  I wanted to share a few things about our choices for packing, the camera lens I rented and maybe a few other things because, man, it's hard to remember everything. Especially almost two weeks later. 


We chose to pack only carry on luggage. At first I wasn't sure about this because we were going to be gone for 6 full days. I didn't know if I could pack enough in a carry on, but we decided this would be best because we were making plane changes, and none of us wanted to be stuck without luggage. If it was with us, we knew it wouldn't happen. We also boarded early so there was a very slim chance of them asking us to check our bags if there wasn't room in the overhead compartments. We also knew that we could always buy a duffle bag there and check it if we bought stuff that wouldn't fit. We ended up with the right amount of clothes (even 1 outfit that didn't get…

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