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Putting Fingers to Keyboard.....#WQ...Theme: Spring/Vivid

It's another week of  Wednesday Quotes, hosted by  Marsha  from Always Write. If you're interested in joining, you can find more about #WQ  here .  This weeks theme has us searching for quotes that embody the words spring and vivid, however we choose to interpret them.  S un beginning to peek through the clouds P romising warmer days are ahead R ising shoots sprout from the ground I n colorful beauty making their presence known N ever giving up even on cold, wet days G one are the snows of winter....we hope! ~Kirstin Troyer I do love spring, however, spring in the Pacific Northwest is often very wet. When the weather is pleasant, everyone rushes out to enjoy it while we can. When it is wet, rainy, windy, and whatever else it decides to bring, we whine and complain that we want summer to arrive.  With Joy Unquenchable , Kirstin

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