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Word of the year 2018: Shine

Every year for the last 3 years I've chosen a word to represent the coming year. Not a word like I hold as a resolution, but a word that propels the ship, that brings focus, clarity, meaning to what I want the coming year to represents. Some days I hit the nail on the head, and some days I hit my finger, but the meaning behind the word remains. A meaning that causes me to pause and think, and ponder, and reflect. A meaning that calls me to action, no matter how small or how big. 

You can read about my 2016 word here, and here,  my 2017 word, here. I also used those words in my 2016 and 2017 Write 31 Days Challenge. 

On January 1st I was driving up to Seattle to pick up my daughter and son-in-law from the airport (a 2 1/2ish hour drive). I was thinking "man, I still don't have a word for this year, nothing is really coming to me". As I drove, literally with no one else on the dark freeway (it was early morning), listening to music, a song came on. As I listened to the w…

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