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Weekend Coffee Share...sing like the birds

Hello friends, grab your drink of choice and join me for another weekend coffee share. What do you want to talk about? I have been LOVING visiting everyone else. I thoroughly enjoy reading and learning about your lives. Sometimes it takes me awhile but I do try to get to everyone's posts.  The weather here in Washington state has been beautiful this week. Chilly mornings and evenings and warm days. Blue skies. I love it. This morning (Friday) my hubby and I went on a walk instead of working out inside. It was brisk, the sky was blue, the birds and a few frogs were singing. I love hearing the birds sing, and frogs too, it is one of my favorite sounds. When we visited Texas last month I heard a Cardinal for the first time in MANY years. We don't have them in the NW and they are one of my favorite birds. If we were having coffee I'd ask what your favorite bird is?  As I was walking, listening to the different sounds, it reminded me of us, as humans. We are all different, we al

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