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Wednesday Hodgepodge...Back to School

It's time for Wednesday Hodgepodge with Joyce, who blogs at  From This Side of The Pond.   Each week she'll pose some questions for us to answer. What a great way to journal life. 1. August is National Back To School does that make you feel? I don't really have any girls have been out of school for several years. My oldest daughter graduated in 2014 and my youngest in 2017.   Share a back-to-school memory. Boy I don't have a good memory so I'm not sure. My girls homeschooled and I did really enjoy choosing and ordering their books for the next year and teaching them at home.  I couldn't find any pictures of me but here are a few of my girls.  While we were building our house, the girls often brought their school up to the property and did it in our pump house.  Even though they were homeschooled, we did do a back to school pic. First soccer game of the season and first time they played together on the same field. They are 3 years apart

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