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The Power of Connection

We were created for connection, just like we were created for community, like I talked about in this post. Connection is powerful, but often we allow busyness or hurts to isolate us from real connection. Oh, sure we see people every day, but we fail to make deep connections for a variety of reasons. But we weren't created for that. We weren't created for just casual interactions only. We were meant for deeper connections and relationships that go to the heart. When we invite people into our space, powerful things happen, transformation happens (for us and them). 

It has always been said that we have various levels of friendships and I believe it is true. I also believe that within each level, we have an allotted number of friends or connections. Each of these levels have a certain degree of connection, trust, openness, etc. Each one is vital and powerful and important. Let's take a closer peek at them. 
1. Myself/Spiritual: Some might question this, but it is easier to love …

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