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Travel Day and First Day in Switzerland

(There was a beautiful floral shop in the Amsterdam airport. If we weren't in a hurry I would have taken more photos)
This may have just become a 4 part series instead of 3 because there was so much packed into the travel day and our one day in Switzerland before heading out to Italy that I thought I'd share an extra post. Find the first post here.

I don't know where you live, but we LOVE the Portland, Oregon International airport. It is one of the easiest to navigate and has been rated one of the best airports in 2017 according to this article in Travel and Leisure. Our flight was scheduled to leave around 1:00. We know our airport well enough that we didn't feel like we needed to get there unreasonably early, but we still wanted enough time to get settled. I think we arrived at 11:00. This gave us time to get checked in, get through TSA and to our gate. We grabbed some light food and a coffee for me. I will admit I was nervous, maybe even a little anxious...I wanted it…

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