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Shrimp Tacos Quick Lunch

The moment I allowed myself to try fish tacos I was hooked. Fish tacos, shrimp tacos, they just amplified my love of seafood AND tacos, and put them together and, well, it's a party in my mouth!
Salmon is on the menu this week and in the hopes of having leftovers, I picked up some street corn tacos and shredded cabbage today at the store. These are two items that are easy to keep on hand for quick meals, like these shrimp tacos that I decided to have for lunch today.

This Shrimp Taco lunch is easy to pull together if you keep some basic ingredients in your kitchen. While fresh shrimp is ideal, frozen shrimp work just as well and they're easy to keep on hand for last minute meals. Trust me on adding them to the grill they firmed up nicely! Perfect for lunch or dinner, last minute guests, or when you are tight on time. In less than 30 minutes you are ready to go! Oh, I just realized that I forgot to put in the recipe...I added some crumbled goat cheese to add a bit of t…

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