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Getaway to the Desert

Friends, this post is almost a year old and I could've easily deleted it, but I wanted to share about what I loved during this trip because honestly, that's how I often find the best places to go when taking trips, by people's recommendations and who doesn't love living through someone else's trips. So here it is, just shy of a year later. It was so hard trying to choose pictures to share...aahh..I'm going to share an album on my Facebook Page just for fun with more pictures but even then I realize I didn't post them all there either. 

Last May (2018) I had the opportunity to travel to Palm Springs, California with my husband. His company's annual conference was being held at the La Quinta Inn and Spa. We took advantage of the location (not too long of a flight from our home state of Washington so we were able to find decent ticket prices) to use it as a getaway for the two of us. It's been way too long since we've been able to go away together. …

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