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Repurposed Christmas Bulbs

When we first moved into our house we had some of these old outdoor lights that we used to line our yard and maybe even put them on our outdoor trees which at the time were only about 6-8' tall. I will have to do a post on the changes...well, anyways....

We haven't used those lights in years, though we still have them. Last year while perusing pinterest or someone's FB page, I stumbled across an idea create ornaments with them. 

I love all the ideas out there for repurposing items, giving them new life. I loved this idea and decided to give it a go. I still have a tub full of these bulbs and hopefully will create some more. Super easy and so pretty. I opted to put mine in a container on my table rather than on the tree (knowing me they'd fall off and break). 

So if you have some of these guys laying around, pull out your glue gun and some twine and get busy.

Items needed:

old Christmas Bulbs
Glue gun


1. Wipe off bulbs making sure they are free from dust. 


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