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Switzerland Part 2

We left Como Saturday morning and had an almost 4 hour train ride, with a stop in Milan, back to Bern. We enjoyed the views, read, just relaxed. I was so happy that everything went well with transfers, finding our seats, what train car we were supposed to be in. It can get crazy and sometimes the language barrier is a struggle. You just have to keep your cool and not be afraid to ask questions even if it means asking several people. We purchased some snacks before we left to eat on the train.

One thing to keep in mind is that many of the public restrooms charge a fee to use them so be sure you carry coins. They are some of the cleanest restrooms around. 
(They walk everywhere..even in the rain)
Once we arrived back in Bern, our friends met us at the station and took us back to where we would be staying. We had some time to relax, unpack and settle back in before we attended a home church meeting that evening. It was an enjoyable evening with some worship, our friend shared and then they …

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