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Word for 2020: Delight

For the past several years, I've opted to choose a word for the year rather than resolutions. Not that there's anything wrong with resolutions or goals, there's not. In fact they are valuable. I just never seem to accomplish them. But a word seemed more attainable and "flexible", however, even that can get left by the wayside.

I recently read an article by Relevant magazine titled How Your Enneagram Type Impacts How You Set Goals. Yep, it was pretty accurate and brought it into perspective as to why it's harder for me to create resolutions/goals or forget that I even chose a word. But it didn't leave it at that, it gave suggestions as to how I might better be successful at achieving them. I'm a 9 with a strong 2 and 6 almost tied with each other. 

Here are my words from previous years: I also did 31 days of posting on the intentional and breathe words. 

2016: Intentional
2017: Breathe
2018: Shine

I don't think I chose one for 2019. I'm not sure why,…

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