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Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's time for Wednesday Hodgepodge with Joyce, who blogs at  From This Side of The Pond.   Each week she'll pose some questions for us to answer. What a great way to journal life. 1. Growing up, at what age did you think you'd become an adult? Gosh, I honestly don't know if I ever thought about it. I suppose I just assumed 18. I was pretty responsible.  At what age did you actually become an adult? Well, what does that actually mean? To become an adult? Does it mean when you had bills to pay, etc. I guess maybe I felt like I hit adulthood after I finished college and lived on my own right before getting married. I lived above a friends garage for awhile before moving back home to save a little more for getting married.  2.  What's a favorite item you've bought this year? Hmmm...(I know, I say that a lot). Let's see it's May, what have I bought. I bought some neat ceramic cups at a vintage barn sale that I love. We bought the kids a blow up water slide to

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