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New York Trip Post 4: Day 1 Central Park

Hope you're not getting bored of NY posts yet. Of course, it seems to be taking me forever to post so maybe you're not. Search "New York Trip Post" for previous entries. 

After our morning medical adventure (see this post), Central Park and the surrounding area was on our list of places to visit on our first day. If you remember in a previous post, I recommended making a list ahead of time of places you want to visit. We still came home to people saying "did you see this or do that?" and we didn't even think or know about those things. So much to do and see. The other thing when it comes to making those lists is to make sure those places are actually in NYC (no, really, you want to make sure), or wherever you are visiting. I know it may seem like a no brainer, BUT, she had a few places on her list that we never could find and we wasted some time searching. Often when you do a search it will also show similar things or possibly the same type of thing but …

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