Word for 2020: Delight

For the past several years, I've opted to choose a word for the year rather than resolutions. Not that there's anything wrong with resolutions or goals, there's not. In fact they are valuable. I just never seem to accomplish them. But a word seemed more attainable and "flexible", however, even that can get left by the wayside.

I recently read an article by Relevant magazine titled How Your Enneagram Type Impacts How You Set Goals. Yep, it was pretty accurate and brought it into perspective as to why it's harder for me to create resolutions/goals or forget that I even chose a word. But it didn't leave it at that, it gave suggestions as to how I might better be successful at achieving them. I'm a 9 with a strong 2 and 6 almost tied with each other. 

Here are my words from previous years: I also did 31 days of posting on the intentional and breathe words. 

2016: Intentional
2017: Breathe
2018: Shine

I don't think I chose one for 2019. I'm not sure why, probably for no other reason than I just didn't. Or I did, but never shared it. I enjoy going back through the blog posts for those words to see where my thought process was. I realize I didn't always fulfill my hopes for those words, but it was all about being aware, working toward being intentional, to live life always aware and present. 

This year there wasn't a clear voice from the heavens saying "this is your word". No, instead I wrote a list of words that I found on a "master list" online and I wrote down ones that resonated with me at some degree or another. Words like; Delight, Connect, Embrace, Wonder, Cultivate. But then I happened to be reading a few things that highlighted the word delight and as I thought more about this word, I decided it would be MY word.

Such a simple word...a word meaning "to find great pleasure in; a high degree of enjoyment, joy"

Now for a little twist. This will be my word for the year, BUT I decided to break it down each month. Each month I will focus on something new to "delight" in. Maybe it will be "delight in nature", "delight in beauty", "delight in friendship, delight in the ordinary"...etc. 

That idea came to me as I was watching an Instagram Story about the journal that accompanies the book Dwelling Well by Melissa Michaels. In the journal she has you choose a word for the month. I liked that idea but also felt like it could overwhelm me to have to choose a new word EVERY month, I mean, good Lord it was hard enough choosing one for a whole year. So breaking down my one word for the year into "focused areas" each month seemed more doable, and more intentional. As a side note, I just started reading her book (it's really good) and I should be getting the journal in the next week, it releases on January 7th. 

I am a firm believer that you have to find out what works best for you. So maybe you totally rock the resolution/goal idea, or maybe you don't even choose a word. Whatever you decide to do or not do is perfectly fine and acceptable. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Don't feel pressured by what you see on social media or what you see your friend or next door neighbor doing. Do what is true and natural to you. Definitely challenge yourself, but don't torture yourself. 

I still haven't decided if I will sit down ahead of time and decide each months focus area or if I'll just "go with the flow". I'm thinking I'll plan it out, otherwise I just might forget. So for January, my focus area will be to "Delight in minimizing". It's perfect because January is the month we tend to de-clutter, and I'm working on that but instead of dreading it or feeling irritated by getting rid of things I want to hold on to, I will delight in letting go, in making room for space, or for something new. I will delight in minimizing stress, busyness, wasted time.  

Here's to a beautiful 2020 however you choose to embrace it. I'd love to hear the word you've chosen, or some goals that you've chosen to set for yourself. 


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