31 Days of Learning to Breathe: Welcome

Friends, I'm joining in on the Write 31 Days Challenge again this year. Everyday through the month of October I hope to share a post on a topic that I've been thinking a lot about. You can see my posts from 2014 and 2016 here and here. It's a great challenge to get the writing ball rolling. It helps get you into thinking about writing something everyday, no length limit, just a topic and getting thoughts out there. I struggle with being consistent in blogging. I enjoy it as a creative outlet, while others love it for that and as their full time job, which secretly would be kind of fun. But I realize I often let busyness get in the way or other commitments, or just feeling like I have nothing to share or say. So these challenges are great. 

So Why the topic of Learning to Breathe? Each year I choose a word for the year and at the end of 2016 I went to a ladies lunch and a song by Johnny Diaz titled Breathe was played. Wow. It hit home. It resonated with my spirit. I knew it would be my word for 2017. And like often happens, 2017 rolls around and with all it's good intentions I didn't really focus on that word as much as I wanted even though I was still aware of it from time to time. You can find the post I wrote at the beginning of the year here

So often we let life consume us, and before we know it, we're going from one day to the next just doing what we've always done, often on auto-pilot. They're not bad days, they're usually pretty good days, but maybe you just find yourself going from one thing to the next without slowing down to take in all that's around you, without stopping to intentionally take a breath in and release it. We are surrounded with messages that say we have to go faster, get more done, be more. Sure there are other messages to slow down, but somehow those get ignored. 

So that's where this journey will take us. A journey of taking time to breathe, to re-think breathing, to un-learn and then re-learn to breathe. To go a little deeper. Inhale, exhale, then inhale again. Thoughtfully, intentionally, with purpose.

I'd love for you to read along and share your thoughts as we go. There's always something new to learn, wouldn't you agree? Below will be a link to each days posts so if you just want one landing spot, this will be it. 

31 Days of Learning to Breathe: 

Day 1: Welcome
Day 2: Defining
Day 3: Unlearning to Breathe
Day 4: no post...not feeling well
Day 5: Relearning to Breathe
Day 6: Relaxing
Day 7: Stop and Catch your Breath
Day 8: Air Quality
Day 9: no post....
Day 10: Winds of Change
Day 11: What do you need to breathe in and breathe out?
Day 12:
Day 13: Aromas
Day 14:
Day 15:
Day 16: Breathing through Pain
Day 17:
Day 18: Breathe in Joy
Day 19:
Day 20: Breathing in Love
Day 21: Exhale negativity
Day 22:
Day 23:
Day 24: Holding your breath
Day 25: Enjoing the Inhale and the Exhale
Day 26:
Day 27:
Day 28:
Day 29: Intentional Breathing
Day 30: Don't breathe life into the past
Day 31: Breathing kindness

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Great OLW - and a great way to focus on it for the month. My word was cultivate - and sad to say I didn't cultivate much! Thanks for stopping by - will be following you as well.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. It's fun to be challenged. I like your word too and I bet you cultivated more than you think. :)

  2. This sounds like a wonderful series. I'm always telling people to slow down, take time to notice the beauty. And right along with that is the need to stop and just breathe. I get so busy I forget sometimes to take care of me and I know it happens to others, too. Looking forward to what you have to share! Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for visiting my blog. :) Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you Gayl. Nice to "meet" you too :)


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