31 Days of Learning to Breathe: Exhale negativity

Negativity surrounds us daily in some way. Whether it's the news, social media, our work place, the newspaper, people we know. You name it, you can find it. There's probably no avoiding it, unless, of course, we hide away in a mountain cabin on a lake with no access to anything or anyone. But then we might start complaining about being bored, etc....and that's just negative...lol.

Since we can't avoid it all, we need to learn how to co-habitate with that which we have no control over. Maybe I'm wrong, but I haven't found a way to do away with it completely, except maybe in myself and that's not always even easy. 

Do you find that you carry negativity around like the smell of campfire smoke on your clothes? You can't smell it but everyone else can. I was in the grocery store and the bank the other day and both places I walked by people who reeked so bad of cigarette smoke I thought, "can they not smell that". Sometimes we are the negative ones but we have absolutely no clue. I see it on FB all the time. People complaining about other people, but they are just as negative as those they complain about. I don't get it. 

We need to release and exhale that which doesn't serve us, and negativity certainly doesn't serve us. It needs to go. Some might say "well, that's just reality", or "well, I'm just speaking the truth", etc. We don't want to deny reality. There is a lot of ugly, negative stuff going on in our world. BUT contributing to the negativity with a woe is the world, woe is me attitude doesn't serve anyone well. It accomplishes nothing. We can acknowledge reality, while remaining positive, and exhaling negativity. Some people make other people's crises their own. Some people are so sarcasm that rather than being funny, it is hurtful and negative to those around them. 

Criticism can be negative when it is done too often and when it ends up tearing down and wearing down the one receiving it constantly. Sometimes these things like criticism, sarcasm, worry don't seem like negativity to us if we are the ones wearing it. We see it as helpful, funny, concern. But too much, too often and in the wrong way, isn't healthy. 

So how do we exhale negativity?

The biggest thing for me personally is to surround myself with positive things and people. 

Limit or avoiding those things that drain me.

 I can watch the news but maybe only once in a day and I honestly avoid political stuff. 

I use my hide and unfollow button often on FB.

I try to find the positive in situations and realize that some things I can't control so there's no sense getting worked up over it.

Music. I love music. I love positive music. 

Reading. Positive, uplifting books and quotes. 

I love watching inspiring videos on FB about people changing lives around them. Or cute and funny videos that are just fun to watch. 

Spending time with people are encouraging and uplifting. Who see the good in the world and don't always think it's ending tomorrow. 

I'd like to say exercise, but I struggle to do that...lol. But getting outside in nature, whether for a walk or to take pictures does wonders for my spirit. 

What about you.....how do you exhale negativity? I'd love to hear.

With Joy Unquenchable,


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