Hittin the ground running...with a smile!

We arrived home from vacation Monday night. We left Florida at 12:00 (arriving at the airport at 10:20) and arrived home at 7:30 that night (pacific time...so 10:30 Eastern time). Can I just say that it was a VERY long day. I'm not sure I could do an overseas flight. We flew from Orlando to Albuquerque to drop off and pick up passengers, then flew to Salt Lake City to switch planes, then on to Portland. My legs ached so bad by the time we landed I was ready to cut them off. It did feel soo good to be home. I walked in and was just overjoyed with my house. When you're gone for 10 days you miss what's most familiar to you. The gal who stayed with us was such a blessing. We came home to a clean house and fun surprises that she had bought and hidden around the house. I also came home ready to hit the ground running. Arriving home with only 10 days till Christmas and still needing to make all my "food" lists, grocery shop and shop for gifts (which I haven't done yet). I reminded hubby of two things.
#1 We DO NOT go on vacation right before Christmas and #2 We DO NOT wait till the last minute...again...to shop for presents.
So last night and this morning I spent time going through recipes and making lists and planning menus. We have a Christmas party, having company 2 days next week, and hosting both Christmas Eve and Day at our house...sooooo we have something going on everyday. Not to mention both girls have soccer stuff and their own small group parties going on. Oh Lordy!! Today Kat and I went grocery shopping after her doctors appointment (which she got great praise...she's doing awesome! Our cart was loaded (not only was I buying holiday food, but just general food for us). It took two of us to push it. I still have to make a costco run tomorrow. Aren't these little guys cute? My cousin gave them to me for my birthday while we were in Florida. This is what my counter looked like last night. Recipes strewn out and a notebook with ingredients scribbled all around. What's on the menu? Lots of goodies!
Caramel Corn (2 types).. I'll post the second recipe later Peanut Butter Fudge Soft Peanut Brittle White Chocolate and Cranberry cookies Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti...recipe later Clam Chowder for Christmas Eve Creamy White Chili for company Spaghetti for Company Banana Cream Cheesecake...recipe later BBQ ribs with potatoes and variety of salads for Christmas Day Cheese log with crackers...recipe later Stuffed Wheat Bread...recipe later
I will post many of the recipes later as they are sooo amazing. Well I must be off to youth group. Tomorrow and Monday hubby and I plan to Christmas shop. Friday I plan to spend baking and cooking. In fact I will be baking and cooking for the next week! Talk to you soon! If not before Christmas then everyone have an amazing time! OH!! The picture of the apron is one I bought today at Ross and wanted to show you. I have no aprons (well okay I have one old one that was my moms). I'm a messy cook and would love more aprons, so when I saw this one I scooped it up. With Joy UNquenchable,


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