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Tuesday 4......Fourth of July

It's time again for  Tuesday 4  hosted by Anne from  Cottage by the sea . P ublished each week in memory of Toni Taddeo, it's original author. We keep Toni Taddeo's original idea alive here with 4 questions each week.     Let's talk about Independence Day this week.  1. In previous times every family read the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights on July 4 to keep in mind the huge price paid by a minority of patriots  for freedom and liberty. What do you think about this tradition? Well, to be honest, I never knew that was a tradition, and I'll be even more honest that the last time I read either was in HS. I just googled them both and since I'm being honest, as I read, I thought, I cannot understand this one bit. I've always struggled with comprehending and focusing on how things were written "back then". So I suppose if someone were to accurately paraphrase it, I could see reading it each year. But this certainly gave me some food fo

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