Taking in Life Around Me.....#SundayStills....2022 Year in Review!

This #sundaystills challenge is hosted by Terri from Second Wind LeisureIt's a great themed photography challenge that you'll enjoy. I love seeing the other participants interpretation of the theme each week...it causes me to think outside the box. I joined in hopes of it pushing me to get out and take more photos...I have to some degree, but I also like that Terri is okay with us finding photos in our archives, which is also a lot of fun. So check out my photos and then head over to Terri's page to participate or visit other's posts. There are some awesome contributors who always inspire me. 

Happy New Year from my house to yours! I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this challenge. In fact I was trying to remember when my first post was. January 2021 was my first post and here is 2022's post of my year in review.

Now we are once again at the start of a new year reflecting back on the past year. 2022 was a bit  more "normal". No major ups and downs. More of a steady eddy year with some great moments, average moments and probably some frustrating, irritating, sad moments. Let's take a look back. 

My word of the year for 2022 was Unfold(ing). Find that post here...The first thing I did to really stretch myself was participate in a polar plunge. 

The rest of January was uneventful. We enjoyed Raclette for New Years Day. Raclette is a Swiss dish where melted cheese is poured over boiled or roasted potatoes along with other toppings. It is cooked on a Raclette griddle. We added mushrooms, bacon, sausage, peppers, etc.

February: We continued finishing our addition to the house and hosted two events on the new side...our granddaughters first birthday and my youngest daughter hosted a Galentines party on Valentines Day. 

I also attended my first paint and sip. This was a stretch for me and I definitely felt like I leaned into my WOTY. It was fun though. 

: We celebrated a few birthdays (our youngest daughters and a friend of ours). I hosted my book club in the new part of our house and we had the grandkids spend several nights here. I also enjoyed baking!

Roasted Garlic sourdough bread

The beginnings of birthday cake.

Hosting our bookclub was so fun!!

March is also when the smelt are running in the river and the bald eagles make an appearance. I hope this coming March to rent a bigger lens to take pics. 

April: In April we finally moved into the new part of our house. We had already moved our bedroom over, but when hubby was out of town for a few days I used that opportunity to move the kitchen from the old one to the new one. It was fun organizing everything and beginning to utilize this whole space. 

It was also fun cooking for the first time and I'm proud to say that I have done very well cooking on gas. 

I enjoyed some relaxing times by the fireplace...not as many as I'd like, but I love it. 

Babysitting is a weekly part of my life and it's fun seeing the kids grow so much. I enjoy my time with them, and savored the moments. 

There was some sickness on Easter so my daughter and kids couldn't visit. I went up that afternoon and we did an Easter Egg hunt with Indiana. 

I also received a photo and note from a distant cousin (I think she would have been my third or 4th cousin)..anyways, she had sent me a photo in the mail, noting who each person was (my mom was in the back row..Denise)..I had hoped to meet this cousin on a trip to Ohio but didn't realize she was ill and passed away before I could meet her.

May: We had friends over for Raclette. It's really a fun meal and very centered around gathering around the table. I enjoyed some baking again. Our daughter bought a new car that she saved diligently for. It'll be a great car that should last her awhile. 

I love a yummy cup of coffee and sometimes take the time to froth some milk to go with it. 

I also added some new plants to my windowsill.

I finally got around to organizing my photos into containers. I still need to label them, but at least they are better organized.

June:  June was another sleepover with the grandkids. I'm usually completely wiped out after they've been here, but it is fun. 
We also took the kids to our annual town celebration. We haven't had one since 2020 and it was so nice to get back out as a community and celebrate. 
It was also a month that my daughter and 3 of her friends were in a car accident. Thankfully they were all okay, but it was scary for sure. 
We continued making the new part of the house more cozy. There's still a lot to do, but it's getting there. 

Concrete was finally poured around the rest of the house. We also still have more of that to do as well. Hopefully in the spring.
My daughter and I also went on a mural walk through Vancouver, Wa and that was fun...not just chasing down murals but spending time with her. 

We also finally got around to having family pictures done. It then took a few months to get them ordered and on the wall, and now I feel like I already need to update them. 


July found us celebrating Indy's 4th birthday. He is such a joy and growing up to be quite the little man!

My hubby and I found a new place to hike and while we intended to go back, we didn't get
 around to it. 

I attended my second paint and sip hosted by a friend of mine from college. Her daughter was the instructor. 

Summer months are always perfect for cold treats. Mango popsicles covered in chocolate and shredded coconut were a hit,

August: August was a busy one for us. We took our grandson for a day at the county fair and he loved it. 

The highlight of the month was our family trip to Ohio. We visited my aunts on Kelley's island and it was such a nice visit. Something about island life that causes you to slow down and take it in.

Before we left, I found out an author who wrote a fiction book that takes place on the island was going to be at my aunts wine tasting room for a book signing and Q & A. I bought the book, read it before we went and bought a ticket. What a fun time. 

I love my family...my uncles, aunts and a few of my cousins gathered. I'm thankful and blessed by them all. 

September: My highlight of September was spending time with Marsha and Terri in Vancouver. We visited Ft. Vancouver and the downtown farmers market. These ladies are truly treasures. 

One of my cousins kept posting about making a tomato pie and I was fascinated so I gave it a shot. It was actually really good. 

It ended out with my nephew and his fiance's wedding. A sweet time with family. My youngest was a bridesmaid.

October: The highlight of the whole year was our 30th wedding anniversary trip which took place in October. A 10 day trip around the New England States. I'm currently working on blog posts highlighting our trip. It's taking me awhile. You can see the first 4 days by looking under my trip tab at the top of the blog. 

Everything about these states was amazing. From the coastline to the fall colors. The leaves and weather really cooperated with us. 

Covered bridges are some of my favorite and we saw several. As well as visited an old toy museum...owned by one individual it was full of toys as early as the 1940's I believe. 

We visited a beautiful butterfly exhibit, with so many stunning species. I can't wait to finish the rest of my posts. 
I also worked at my son in laws family pumpkin patch. I wished I could've worked more days, but it was a busy month so I only got 4 days in. I love working here. It's a highlight of my year. 

November: November was mellow. Not too eventful.

I found some murals to take pictures of in the town my daughter lives in. I know there are more. I plan to find them all this next year. 
I also attended a cheese making class...I thought I'd be making cheese but it was simply a demonstration. It was very interesting though, and who knows I may try making some. 
Our fall was beautiful though it arrived a little late. It is one of my favorite seasons. 
We purchased our first artificial tree from Costco and I must say, I do love it. I even admitted it to my husband. I loved not having to water it. 

December: The last month of the year. It was busy, but it was good. I had everything decorated by the day after Thanksgiving. 

Indy learned to play Uno and so we played many, many rounds on my visits to their house. 
I provided treats for our delivery drivers and I think they appreciated it. At least I hope they did. 
We attended a production of The Nutcracker with Indiana...one of his babysitters dances in the group. 
Baking cookies in my new kitchen was a big highlight! I loved it so much! Pepper did too. 

I had never heard the legend of the Christmas spider (I don't like spiders by the way), until one of our delivery drivers at work gave us the little spider above with the legend printed on paper. I told him it was the only spider allowed on my tree. 
We had an ice storm that kept us home for a few days and I will be honest, I enjoyed it. I made dough for bread and cinnamon rolls and let them rise by the warmth of the stove. 

Christmas was nice. I loved enjoying it in the new part of the house. It was cozy, messy and loud, but there was peace, there was just that sense that all was good and right. Of course you can't forget taking pictures of cute kiddos in matching jammies. 
I also finished the year meeting my Goodreads goal of 48 books. Yay! I really wanted to focus more on reading and so I was pleased with this accomplishment. 

Also in December, our little buddy had surgery to have his adenoids out and a tongue tie released. He came through like a champ!!

Now we head into a new year! New things! New experiences! 365 new days! I'm looking forward to what they hold and to being even more intentional with each one. I'm looking forward to continuing with #Sundaystills and hope to get out with my camera more. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. What a wonderful year you've had, Kirstin! I love your new addition and the way you decorate as well! Looks so cozy and I'm sure you are so excited to have everything mostly done! My, you do a lot of baking and cooking. Your kids and grandkids are so lucky to have you as the energetic and creative person you are. I loved walking through the year with you, and also when we met for the day in September--fun times. I really loved the story of the Christmas spider (I enjoy most spiders, LOL!). Congrats on completing 48 books, I got to 50 :) I'm sure 2023 will bring you more joy and God bless your family!

    1. Thank you Terri...I sometimes don't feel like I do much baking and I want to be more creative with my cooking this year.

  2. Gosh I so enjoyed reading about your year Kirstin, and to reconnect via Terri's Sunday Stills. Love how the house is looking...and how much fun are grandkids...I remember sleepovers too. And how tired I would be afterwards. Loved being back connecting here and that you got to meet up with Marsha and Terri. Happy New Year. Denyse.

    1. Thank you Denyse! Yes..definitely tired after having them especially when our little Pepper doesn't sleep through the night, but we love it.

  3. This was such a good read Kirstin! The trip through each month and photos showed a life well lived. Your family shots are fabulous! Your house is looking great, you must be so happy to be in it now. I get that grandkids make us tired but it's a lot of fun isn't it?

    1. Thank you Deb! I'm very excited to be in our house now.


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