#WQW....Theme....Senses: Touch or feeling

It's another week of  Writer's Quotes Wednesday, hosted by Marsha from Always Write. If you're interested in joining, you can find more about #WQW here.

This weeks theme is going along the lines of our sense of touch/feeling. It's so easy to take our senses for granted isn't it. I couldn't imagine losing my sense of touch or the ability to feel. Our sense of touch and the ability to feel is controlled by a series of nerve endings and touch receptors in the skin. Our spinal column plays a big role in our ability to touch and feel as well. Many of our nerves run through our spinal column and when something is disrupted it impacts so much. Our bodies are so intricate and so connected, and sometimes I don't think we realize how many aspects of our life and lifestyle affect the various functions of our body and our health. I know I've been working on being more intentional with things. I do not want to flip on switches that will negatively affect my health and senses as I get older. I'm not perfect obviously but I'm working on it (being intentional, not perfect). 

Touch = Come into or be in contact with; an act of touching someone or something; a small amount, trace; have an effect on, make a difference to; produce feelings of affection, gratitude or sympathy in.

Feeling = an emotional state or reaction; the capacity to experience the sense of touch; be aware of a person or object by being touched or touching; be capable of sensation.

Man, I wanted to find more and write more, but sadly I'm a bit under the weather and have some things I HAVE to get done, so I'll leave you with these three. 

This last one caught my attention because I felt this way when we were on vacation and just knowing how old some of these towns and buildings and bridges, etc were. You felt like history was speaking to you. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Beautiful, Kirstin. I love the quote, "Do not ignore the effort of the person who tries to keep in touch. It's not all the time someone cares." I have a friend from the first church we pastored in 1985 who keeps in touch on Facebook and likes almost every post I make. She is amazing. I would guess she is about 80 now, and still cares. Your quote touched me because I do sometimes ignore the person who tries to keep in touch instead of appreciating them and blessing them. Thank you for this reminder. :)

    1. Thanks Marsha!!! Friends like that are priceless. I have a few HS friends who are like that.


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