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This weeks theme is water: Oceans or Lakes. I'm so thankful that I live near both. We are about 1 1/2-4 hours from the pacific Ocean depending on what beach you want to go to. If you ask me which is prettier, I'll probably choose the Oregon coastline even though I live in Washington (we are 30 minutes from Portland). We also live close to so many larger bodies of water. The Puget Sound is 2 1/2 hours away as is Lake Washington. In our own small town, we have Horseshoe Lake, which is named appropriately and the Lewis River runs through the town and the Columbia river borders it. Drive a short ways and you come into several other lakes that are famous for boating. In my mind it's a perfect location. 

While I don't like swimming and sometimes boating makes me nervous, I'm content to wade in the water, and sit beside it's shores or view the ocean from the patio of a vacation rental. 

Battleground lake in the fall. My daughter contemplating something...water tends to do that...a cause for reflection, for seeking peace, for pondering life.

Or for pretending you are the Karate Kid! 

Surfers on the Oregon coast. Not the same as in warmer climates..these folks were decked out in wetsuits and caught a few waves. I guess this little cove is good for surfing. 

I kind of agree. There is just something about water that is as the quote says "magical". All bodies of water hold something special.

Sunsets and sunrises are some of my favorites and over the ocean is amazing. 

Lacamas Lake in Camas, Washington, a short drive from our house. 

Our local Horseshoe Lake. Sun rising above the hills. 

The beautiful Puget Sound with I believe Mt. Ranier in the background. 

We visit several beaches in Oregon, this one is Seaside, though we more frequently visit Lincoln City, Rockaway Beach or Tillamook.

One of our other local lakes, Lake Merwin is one of many lakes and "bays" upriver from us, all fed by Mt. snow and the Lewis River. Cresap Bay, Speelyi bay are also very popular stops. 

One of the lakes near the base of Mt. St. Helens. 

View of the Pacific Ocean near Rockaway beach. 

At the end of August we'll be traveling to Ohio to visit family who live along Lake Erie. Two of my aunts recently moved to Marblehead, Ohio, and my other aunt lives across the lake on Kelleys Island. We will take a ferry from Marblehead to the island. My parents grew up on the shores of Lake Erie and we spent quite a bit of time on the island. 

While we always think of wine country as California and even many places here in Oregon, the island was once very well known for it's wineries. My aunt and her husband have a vineyard, wine tasting room and make their own wine on site. She tells stories of when the lake would freeze over, horses would haul huge barrels of wine across the lake and once in awhile they'd would go through the ice. 

Lake Erie at sunset. 2020 when I took a trip. 

However you choose to enjoy water, I hope it brings you much peace, contentment and joy. Whether lakes, oceans, streams, rivers or waterfalls. I often take for granted that not everyone will see the ocean in their lifetime. There are many who have never seen it up close. I'm so glad that I get to.


When I was younger I heard this song by Gordon Lightfoot, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on Lake Superior. For some reason I really liked it. Maybe because it was based on a true story. Maybe it was his voice. I don't know. But here it is if you've never heard it. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Wow, Kirstin, I love all your quotes. "If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in the water." - Loren Eiseley's quote can be interpreted so many ways. I think of it first like your picture of your daughter on the pier absorbing all the magic in that scene. But if I think deeper, water is the magic that keeps life alive. It is what etches the landscape. It affects the weather and cools hot air several degrees. Bodies of water are home to millions of creatures worldwide. And the list goes on. It really does seem magical, doesn't it?

    Your pictures are so beautiful. My favorites are your daughter's pictures enjoying the lake. Thanks for using InLinkz. I'm going to keep the "For More Ideas Section this week and probably remove it next week because people can check out other links so easily through that app. What do you think?

    By the way, have fun on your trip to Ohio. Terri and I will be in Portland starting on Sept. 21 and stay for about a week. Then she's driving me to her home in Spokane and I'll fly back to AZ from there. If you are back, we'd love to get together.

    1. Yes! So true on your thoughts of water sustaining all things. I like the app...I think it works well...In the photo by the lake, I think it was after a bit of a rough patch for her with a relationship ending, and it felt like she was just soaking it all in. We are gone from August 23-29 so I'd love to try and meet up with you all.


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