Recipe: Shredded BBQ Chicken with Homemade Coleslaw

Last week I had two chicken breasts left and wasn't quite sure what to make that would feed 3-4 people. Sometimes using up what you have can be a bit daunting especially if you aren't an overly creative person (ya know, good at just throwing something together) or if you don't have an incredibly well stocked fridge or pantry. In our house you can always tell when payday is coming up....there's not a whole lot of anything in either. I love The Pioneer Woman, but I still chuckle at the episode where she doesn't have time to go to the store so she is just going to use what's in the pantry has more stuff in it then mine ever has even if combining several 

Anyways...I had chicken, I had some sandwich thins, so I decided on Shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches (I had ingredients for homemade sauce). I did stop at the store and grab a few things for coleslaw because I thought coleslaw would taste really good on top of the sandwich. If you've ever had the BBQ beef sandwiches at Costco, they serve coleslaw on top of theirs. 

This could be adapted in a variety of ways...full on sandwiches, or they could be served on smaller pieces of toasted bread as an appetizer. 
Here's what you will need:

chicken breasts (however many you need for the amount of people you have). I think the two I had would have served 4-5 people easily.
garlic powder
onion powder
BBQ sauce (store bought, or this recipe)
Homemade coleslaw
  *Bagged coleslaw mix or make your own 
  *1/2 c. sour cream
  *1/2 c. mayonnaise 
  *2 Tbs. Vinegar
  *2 Tbs. Sugar
  *1 Tbs. Mustard
  *1/2 tsp. salt
  *1/2 tsp. paprika
  *1/4 tsp. pepper

In a crockpot or covered dutch oven, lightly oil and then place chicken breasts inside. Season with seasonings (i just sprinkle a bit on each spice on the chicken). If using the crockpot cook on low or high until they are close to being done. If using dutch oven, cook on 350 until close to being done (about 35-40 minutes...just depends). Pour sauce over chicken and cook till done. Using two forks, "shred" the chicken in to pieces and stir to coat with sauce. 

While chicken is cooking, assemble all of your coleslaw ingredients. I used a bagged mix, but you could make your own with shredded cabbages (red and green), shredded carrots, and if you want, onion, etc...Refrigerate until chilled. 

Toast buns, top with a hearty helping of chicken and a generous amount of coleslaw. Eat and enjoy!!! It's so good, kicks up a typical sandwich up a few notches, and it is so adaptable. I'm not sure you could make a mistake.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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