Week for New recipes

Sometimes I feel like I'm in a funk when it comes to making new recipes. The last few weeks however, I have tried out several new ones on my family...the majority of them meatless, much to the dismay of my non-veggie loving 13 year old. There are a few veggies she enjoys but not as many as the rest of us. Last week I shared a recipe for Veggie lasagna that I had made as well as a gluten free, vegan chocolate cake.  

This week has been a bit on the crazy side....tons of running around, trying to get the girls here and there and still get dinner on the table, and other things done. Plus, Nan turned 13 on Wednesday. We didn't get to celebrate since she had an indoor soccer game and youth group. I did bring her two balloons and a frog puzzle from the store (she loves frogs).

Monday I decided to try another new, vegetarian recipe. I found it on Pinterest, which led me to this blog, Miss-Ology (but I actually just realized she moved her blog and it's now called Notice the Dirt..but you can still find her recipe on the link I provided) and her Vegetable Pesto Pie. I told Nan what it was and she said "can you just make me a quiche?"....not happening sister! She did end up saying it wasn't bad. 

I will share my pictures and thoughts, and you can click the link to the recipe. 

The other recipe I made were from Pampered Chef. My Nan LOVES S'mores. She loves them so much she will regularly make them in the oven. Two weeks ago I was at a Pampered Chef Party and they served S'more Cups. I thought these would be perfect for her birthday. Because she had a soccer game and youth group I decided to make a double batch and bring them to youth group to share.  The ingredients were simple and while they didn't take long to bake, the time consuming part was putting the graham cracker crust in the mini-muffin tins. I was worried I wasn't doing it right, worried I wouldn't be able to get them out of the tins, but there was nothing to worry about...I did, they were successful, and they were devoured.

The rest of the week I stuck with meals I make often, Minestrone Soup, Split Pea Soup and tomorrow Sloppy Joes, regular and Lentil. Tonight will be a "eat up what's left from the last few days".

On to the recipes.....

Vegetable  Pesto Pie

Super yummy! I was going to also add some asparagus and spinach but totally forgot.
 I chose to make my own crust and hoped it would all fit in my pie pan

 I used leeks instead of onions because I feel like they have a much milder flavor and we prefer that to strong onion.
 I followed her directions making sure I salted the tomatoes and letting them sit for awhile to get some of the juices out.
 My purple potatoes were very small so this step was a bit tricky and not as pretty...next time I'll find bigger ones.
 Yummy for our tummy's!

Now on to the S'more Cups...(I doubled this recipe...the recipe below will make 24)

Simple ingredients: 

7 whole graham crackers (1 cup finely crushed)
1/4 c. powdered sugar
6 tbs. butter, melted
4  (1.55oz. size or larger) milk chocolate bars, divided
12 marshmallows


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl combine melted butter, graham cracker crumbs and powdered sugar.

2. Place a scant amount of crumbs in the bottom of mini muffin pans (I used my pampered chef one). I laughed at the word "scant"...what in the world is a scant amount! Press crumbs to produce shallow cups with either your fingers or a tart shaper. Bake 4-5 minutes or until edges are bubbly. I apparently didn't know what a "scant" amount was because I needed to make more crumb mixture. 

3. In the meantime...or beforehand...break the chocolate bars into pieces small enough to fit in the bottom of the crusts. Cut marshmallows in half.

4. Remove crusts from oven. Place a piece of chocolate in the bottom of each pan and top with half a marshmallow (cut side down). Return to oven for 1-2 minutes. 

5. Remove from oven and allow to cool for 15 minutes. Remove cups from pans and allow to cook completely.

6. Melt remaining chocolate in a bowl and carefully dip the tops of the cups in melted chocolate. Allow to set up to an hour. My cups weren't very even so I put melted chocolate in a pastry bag and drizzled it over the top. 
 My messy cups..see why I was so nervous that they wouldn't come out.
 Topped with marshmallows.
 I did it! They came out!
 Topped with chocolate, ready to go!
Tested by the birthday girl! They passed!

With Joy UNquenchable,


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