Back To School!

Yesterday was the first day "back to school" for us. We homeschool, but it was still a "first day". It was a day to drag feet (Nan) at getting started, a day of possible unexpressed jitters (for Kat), and a day of time management thrown out the window (moi). 
 Today is a new day and we'll see how it goes. So far so good..though Nan is still dragging her feet!
But back to yesterday. First let's talk curriculum. We are doing a few new things this year, and we're trying to adjust to them. Here's what the girls are doing:

*Biology-----Abeka DVD's
*Algebra 2--Abeka DVD's
*Grammar--Abeka DVD's (World Lit, spelling & Poetry and Grammar & Composition) 
*World History--Abeka

*Photography--At our local High School

*Skills for Life--At our local High School
*Math-------Teaching Textbooks
*History-----AOP Monarch online
*Science----AOP Monarch online
*Spelling---Modern Curriculum Press

This is the first year that Kat has chosen to do all DVD's through Abeka, which means they take A LOT LONGER then just doing the books. She is also taking two classes at the high school (which she said she wasn't nervous but I think she kind of was...she ended up enjoying it a lot) and thankfully they are 5th and 6th period so she then goes right to soccer practice or to a game. This works out perfect for me. She is learning to organize her time better in order to get everything done, not as much free time as she used to have. I think this first week will be a "test" week and we will see what we need to tweak or re-vamp.

Two of Nan's classes are online and so she's getting used to that. She seems to be adjusting well but really hates getting up (the girl loves her sleep) and this year I set stricter times of starting school. 

Me, well, I'm trying to adjust to new schedules, trying to get things done and be ready at a moments notice to help with something in school and still find some time for "me" (another post all together). It also means taking Kat to the High School, then picking her up from practice or right after school before a game. This means for me trying to figure out what time to leave in order to get to the school in time. We may live in a small town and technically only 5 minutes from the school, but try going anywhere between 3:00-5:00 and it's crazy. 
Yesterday morning I decided to stay home from working out so I could get the girls started on school and make them some muffins...these yummy jam-filled muffins! My intention was to work out later in the day...(yah, that didn't happen). It was a tricky day to keep the house picked up (oh, wait that didn't really happen until much later in the day, and not all of it), get things done when they needed doing (eh, kinda sorta happened) and run errands (happened in hyper speed mode...but I didn't speed). Dinner? I wasn't sure because all the running around I needed to do and Kat had her first soccer game of the season (which they won 4-0), at 5:00, so no time to get anything cooked before the game.I decided scrambled eggs and hasbrowns with toast. Which is great, but I don't make this often so it actually ended up kind of being a pain, but tasted good!
Today is going smoother...things are being accomplished...dinner? I had no idea until Nan and I went to Walmart and I decided on Spaghetti!! I can honestly say I've gotten about 95% of the things done I wanted to get done. Which is good and I'll be able to get a few more things done before the end of the day. 
So, until tomorrow when I hopefully have some time to post, have an amazing night, because it's now 5:00 and I started this post sometime this morning!
With Joy UNquenchable,


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