Easter Weekend with a Twist

 I've shared often here on my blog about being flexible and going with the flow. Well, once again that's what I'm doing...and I'm okay with it! 

Yesterday morning hubby informed me that we would be hosting 2-4 guest Saturday night (as in feeding them snacks and dinner Saturday and then they'd be spending the night Saturday). Our church is hosting a group for a concert and they needed "host homes". My guess is, many people who normally get asked said no because Sunday is Easter and they didn't want to mess with having extra people to take care of (maybe they already had company staying the night). I can understand this, and maybe if I was hosting Easter Dinner I might feel the same way...though knowing me, I'd probably still say yes because I'm pretty sure I can make it work (unless I had other company spending the night). 

We don't have an extra bedroom, so guests sleep in our girls' room and the girls, if home sleep on the floor in our room. This weekend Kat is spending the night at a friends, so Nan will camp out with us (which she loves doing anyways).
Today I'll be running errands to buy food for our guests, but also for what I will be bringing to Easter dinner at my in-laws. For our guests I'm making spaghetti, garlic bread and salad for Saturday dinner, and then I'll make my Texas Caviar to snack on and maybe some trail mix. Sunday morning I'll just have muffins and some fruit and juice for them.
For our Easter contribution I'm making my Teriyaki Green beans and Scalloped Potatoes (there's just something about ham and Scalloped potatoes). I've been perusing the internet for yummy variations of these favorite potatoes. I decided to prepare the potatoes on Saturday before our guests arrive so I'm not hassling with it on Sunday morning. I'll just pop them in the oven at some point on Sunday, or try to use my crockpot (which hasn't been cooperating so I'm a bit hesitant). I'll prepare the beans right before we eat. We never got around to coloring eggs. Oh well!

I know when to say no to things, but I also know that I can usually handle more than I think and if I let go of perfection and impressing then it's almost always doable.

I can't wait to read about what other bloggers pulled off this weekend and maybe it'll give me some ideas for next year, since it seems every year I say, "oh, next year I'll do this and that"...and NeVeR do!

With Joy UNquenchable,


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