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 I thought I'd share a recent update on our building project! We have just completed sheeting the roof and hopefully next week the roofers will be here and get the roof on. Yippee. Okay, I said "we", but I really didn't do any of it. I did keep the house clean and people fed, and laundry done. That's my job!

I am a visual gal and so looking at a plan just doesn't do anything for me. I didn't really know what our house was going to look like. Now that it is framed, trusses up, sheeted and trim and roofing going on, can I just say I LOVE IT

So, enjoy a few pictures (or more than a few). The inside is hard to take pictures of because I just can't get it all in. But it's gonna look great.
 Back of house. Window is above the kitchen sink. Big open space is for sliding door.

 Front of house!

 Guest bedroom window and master bedroom window
 door off master bedroom
 My amazing, hard working hubby...who not only works a gazillion hours a week at his job, but also is building our home!!!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. It's looking amazing. Maybe I'll be able to come see it in person one day!

  2. Wow - it looks great! Now, that's a complicated roof line :) I'll bet you are so excited to see it coming together so quickly.


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