A week of Fun, A week of Emotion

 (I made this photo into a water color)
This last week was a week of making new friends, and finding out that you've lost a friend. It was a week of fun and a week of emotions. 

Last weekend we had a conference and the amazing speaker came with his wife and two daughters (ages 4 and 13). My girls had a blast spending time with their oldest daughter, horseback riding at our friend's family's farm, going out to eat, climbing to the top of waterfalls, laughing and giggling. We had them over for dinner. New friends are fun to have.
(Kat (on the right) and her new friend horseback riding...she looked so natural, and she hadn't been on a horse in over 5 years.)
We also got word that the 17 year old daughter of friends of ours died in a car accident on Monday morning while on the way to school. This family moved about an hour away from us several years ago to pastor a church and while we don't get to see them often, they're never far from our minds. They used to watch our girls during youth group, our girls attended each others birthdays, they're a super family. The tragedy struck everyone hard. 
(Kat giving Nan a ride)
It has opened doors for many conversations this week in our family. Very good conversations, tough to answer conversations, heart wrenching conversations. Throughout our week of fun, this family has been constantly on our hearts and minds. There have been tears, prayers, hugs.
 (The Beautiful Columbia River Gorge)
 Kat commented on how the little things that we sometimes get hung up on just don't matter. It's not worth it. She's so right. I love my daughters. I love the conversations we have. I love hearing their thoughts and their hearts.
(View from Crown Point and the Vista House)
So, several times this week I've had my blog up to post something, but just couldn't think of what to write, so it just didn't happen. Go love on your family today, go love on strangers today. It seems in the last several weeks I have heard of so many teenagers dying, and it saddens me. I want to see people the way God sees them, loving them, letting them know they're amazing, letting them know that their lives matter. I want to make the most of every moment, living intentionally, living life to the fullest.
(Friends and my family on the overlook bridge at Multnomah Falls)
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Beautiful pictures - I love Multnomah Falls.
    So sorry for your loss - how heartbreaking to lose someone so young.


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