I cyber "met" Sandy a few years ago when I somehow happened upon her blog, Reluctant Entertainer and I've read her blog daily ever since. While I wouldn't consider myself a reluctant entertainer, I thoroughly enjoy her ideas, heart and I realized there were times that I fell back into the wrong mindset about entertaining and I needed her reminders. 

When Sandy came out with her book I couldn't wait to buy it. Well, I received it Thursday and while I haven't had time to sit and read it (we have a conference going on) I have browsed it and I am so excited to really sit and read it. 

This week I have been "hostessing" a group of jr. high girls and their leaders during a conference we are "hosting" at our church. I mentioned in this post that it wasn't my first choice because I'm involved in several other things at the conference and "hostessing" just wasn't something I wanted to add to the plate. However, it has gone well even though I am very tired and haven't had much time to sit down between the things I'm doing at the church and running home (I live 2 minutes away) between those things to get meals ready, etc. 

One thing I've had to do is let go of "perfect". So what if there are kitchen towels strewn on the counter, things not quite picked up as usual, laundry needing to be done. I could have freaked out and refused to host these girls. But, I like a challenge, I like having people over and I LOVE cooking, AND Jr. High girls are a lot of fun, I know, I have one! Thanks to some prep work I've managed to keep everyone fed and happy. It pays to be prepared especially when you are not relying on pre-packaged, processed foods and I think the girls have enjoyed having home cooked, healthy food. 

I simply wanted to say that I got my book, I'm excited to read it and to encourage you to get out of your hostessing "box" and start having people over. More on that later.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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