Love expressed with Food!

 Here's what I heard when my girls and Kat's friend came home from soccer and the Fireworks stand tonight last night..."Mom, what do we have that we can eat". It was 9:00, they had been at a wet soccer practice and a wet "sign holding" day. They wanted food, and I assumed they wanted "hot" food. I had just the thing! Yesterday Wednesday I had made homemade frozen burritos and happened to have leftover meat, beans and tortillas. 
 I heated the ingredients, laid them out on the counter along with some cantaloupe and blueberries and let them help themselves. It was filling and just enough to fill their hungry tummies. They sat around our coffee table eating and watching an episode of "Full House", chatting about this and that. 
 Earlier in the evening I had come home to just be home since someone else was manning the register at our Fireworks fundraiser. I remembered I had promised the group some brownies the night before. I happened to have a box of brownie mix, so just went with that. I brought them down to the tent piping hot and I know they were devoured! Another friend who had been working the tent and had went home for a break earlier in the day brought a pot of taco soup and corn bread. Let me tell you, these little things were greatly appreciated and got us thinking. Next year, we are going to arrange a few evenings where someone brings the group something hot (well, I guess if it's chilly out), or I guess I should just say home cooked. We've had people bring Popsicles on really hot days which has been such a mood lifter for the kids. Last year it was so hot that even passersby were going and buying the kids boxes of Popsicles and bottles of water. 

Food is an expression of love. It says I want to nourish you, provide you with something that will strengthen your body, warm you up, or cool you down. It says I care about what you like, I care about taking care of you, you're important to me. We showed love yesterday by feeding these hungry kids. I am thinking of kids who are out there without food everyday, without the means for that food, or parents who are just not able or don't care to provide this necessity and it saddens my heart. I would never think of denying my children or those around me with the thing that nourishes their young bodies!

I love expressing love through food!! How about you!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. You are so kind and thoughtful! I can't think of a better way to show you care! Those brownies, I am sure were a HIT! Happy 4th to you and your family!


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