Home is.....Fresh Flowers

 I love fresh flowers. Always have, always will. My mom was forever cutting flowers from our yard and placing them throughout the house. 

Right now I do not have very many flowers around the yard (I have many hopes for a cutting garden, or at least many cut flowers around the property). When I have them, I love to regularly cut them and put them in vases throughout the house.

Last year, I was having a particular day and I said "Lord, I'd really love some fresh flowers for the house". Within a few hours two people had brought me flowers. I rarely buy them because they are just spendy in our little town. 

Fresh flowers make  me happy! In my yard, in my house. I love them! They bring joy and beauty wherever they are. Last year I grew some dahlias (they didn't survive my winter though) and I regularly filled the house with them. Hopefully I'll get some new ones this year to plant!

Head over to Sandy's for more ideas of how others use their flowers..

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I agree, they def. cheer you up! Thanks for linking up today! Always love tulips and daffodils

  2. What a sweet post. I love it when the Lord "humors" us like that!

  3. I love bringing the outdoors in with pretty flowers!
    This is the first house I've owned where we have a "cutting" garden and I'm loving it!


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