Book Giveaway at Reluctant Entertainer: Living Well on Less

 Do you ever feel like in this economy it's just too hard to live well? To live healthy?

Do you feel like you want to feed your family healthier foods, but you just can't afford it (the pre-packaged stuff is just so much cheaper)?

Do you feel like you just can't get ahead? You want to save money but just can't?

I think we've all asked these questions at one time or another. Who hasn't! 

Sandy over at Reluctant Entertainer is giving away two books by Joni McCoy: Miserly Moms (living well on less) and Healthy Meals for Less! Head over and enter to win. What better place to start?

As I headed over to Amazon to peek inside these books I found (by browsing the table of contents) that several of her tips I was already implementing. Yay me! I'd love to read the books to find out more. The recipes in the cookbook sound really good! I think I may head to my library and see if they carry them.

Two of my money saving finds: My local grocery outlet and produce store, both of which sell grocery items at incredibly discounted prices (and I usually find plenty of healthy options). We've also found ways to cut our electric bill down (just keeping the heat lower and adding a few more layers or socks). 

It's not impossible to live well on just takes know how and creativity! One person's Living Well may differ from someone elses, and that is okay!!!

With Joy UNquenchable,


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