A Woman on a Mission

I'm a woman on a mission today. My mission you might ask? My mission is to set out and buy some new pans. These are to be my Christmas present..yes, I know...a bit late, but I've had a hard time deciding what I want and really haven't had time to look. I didn't think it would be such a tough decision. I mean, come on....it's pans for goodness sake, but I've had a hard time deciding. There are a lot of things to think about when buying pans. Things that I never thought about. You see, I've never bought my own pans. My first set were a wedding present, and my second set, a friend bought for me. So when I decided I needed a new set, I had no clue what to look for or what I really wanted. I've done researching online and asking many friends their preferences. I've been to some stores and tested things out, you know how do they feel in my hands, are they too heavy, too wimpy, deep enough. What I've decided: * Stainless Steel for my saucepans and large soup pan, and maybe a deep saute pan. *Non-stick for a few skillets and one saute pan * Handles need to be comfortable to hold (I've tried some that were not comfy at all) *Not too heavy *8 Qt. soup pan (since I make a lot of soup) *Deep enough saute pan for stirfry's. I haven't decided on a brand yet, that will depend on how much things cost. I do have a budget. I haven't decided if I should buy a "set" or individual pieces. I have a feeling buying things individually will be more expensive than buying a set. I'll post later on what I come home with.....if I come home with something. I can't wait!! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Go cast iron with the skillet! They are unbelievable! Theres just nothing like them!


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