Life as I know it

Life as I know it is just busy, but that's okay. Some days I feel like I never stop running and just want to put on the brakes and say "enough already". But really, it's not that bad and not possible to put the brakes on..though I did find myself wishing for another snow like last year so I could be stuck in my house for a few weeks...of course if I didn't have internet I might go crazy...oh wait...I am going crazy. Kat is done with summer soccer tournaments and they've finished strong. Now they are gearing up for fall season which starts for both girls on September 12th. I still have not ordered school books for the year. I'm still not sure what I will be using for History, Science, Health and Spelling. I also want to incorporate typing and a foreign language. My stuff on ebay is selling well and next week we'll take whatever didn't sell to a Homeschool Store I like and hope they'll take it. Yesterday I took both girls shopping for school supplies. Today I picked about 4lbs. of tomatoes and canned 3 pint jars. I've decided to just can as they ripen. The girls and I spent about 2 hours tending to the badly neglected garden on Monday. There's still half of it to weed. Overall I have been pleased with this garden. Next year I will need to start earlier as I found that my late start and late harvest did not fall in a timely manner (so much going on). The photos in this post are dahlias from my garden that my neighbor had given me. See this post and this post for pics of last years dahlias (that were ruined by the snow). I love dahlias...they bring me joy. I can't wait to just keep adding to my collection over the years. We are having some issues with the county on our next phase of building. We are praying for amazing favor and provision. There were some code changes since we built and it is affecting us continuing. How frustrating....but God will come up with a plan and I'm not worried that we will figure things out. I have been having some shoulder pain for several months and have decided that I should probably go in and have it checked out. I don't want to injure it more. I recently purchased Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred DVD and Denise Austins Daily Dozen to do at home. I started the Shred DVD today and I'm feeling it already. It does a lot with the arms and shoulder which has me thinking I better go have this checked out. Well ladies, I better go do some school research! One of these days I'll post on one topic at a time. Until then just bear with me. And thanks for being my friends. With Joy UNquenchable,


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