Menu Plan Monday

It's Menu Plan Monday and I always love checking out what everyone else is planning for the week. I'd love to be more organized like others, but it just doesn't work that way, at least not with my menu. My organization goes as far as knowing what I'm going to make but it stops there. I never know what is going to come up, if I'll be home at a certain time to make a meal or what the family will be hungry for. I plan the meals we'll have for the sake of the grocery budget. I have a certain amount and it has to last. 
I'm also still adjusting to being in our new house so I didn't even get around to posting a menu plan last week, let alone a post past last Wednesday. But here we go with a new week...
On this weeks menu.....drumroll please.....
Well, that should do it! Have a great week of yummy meals and menus. Head over to Organized Junkie for more great ideas. (if my link doesn't work please see my sidebar) and if you know why it's doing what it's doing please tell me so I can fix it.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Wow what a great menu, I love soups. And the stuffed cabbage sounds so good.


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