Sibling Love

I would have to say that for the most part my two daughters love each other. Actually they totally love each other. There are times when I wish I had more children and there are moments when I wonder why in the world I even have two. There are days when they get along so well, and days when I feel like stringing them both up by their toes from the highest tree. 
But they are amazing and they ultimately at the end of every day they say "I love you". Nan in her entire life, all 10 years of it, has never called Kat by her first name, but has always called her "sis", or "sissy". They have always shared a room and pretty much sharing everything else. They can't stand when the other is gone for the night. I have no idea what they will do when it is time for them to have their own rooms. 
Then there are times they argue, bicker, complain and fight. But even those times aren't terrible compared to other sibling rivalries that I witness. They get annoying and irritating and I want to throw up my hands and scream "why me!" Because they know better, right? Right! But it's not all that bad. 
Yesterday Nan complained because "sis" had only one chore to do and she had two. It was silly really because what would she rather, it be the other way around? Yes, probably, but she got over it and did her chores. 
Nan received an ipod for Christmas. It was a newer one. Last year Kat got one for her birthday. It was an ipod 3gen. nano. A perfectly great Nano. But it wasn't as new as her sisters, and in her mind she should have gotten a new one and given her old one to her sister. So she decided she's going to sell her nano and get a new version. Then she decided she couldn't just get the same one, but now wants to save for an ipod touch. Now, we know ultimately her heart is to get one because they are pretty neat and she likes really neat things. But she also admitted that she wanted it because it was better than her sisters. 
Silly girls, silly sisters. Always loving each other and yet always in the big sister, little sister role. I know they would give their lives for each other even on the days when it seems they'll kill each other. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. You are so lucky to have such sweet kids.

    I have a much deserving award for you waiting over on my blog.


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