A Quiet Day

It was a very quiet day today in our home. Hubby and Kat left at 9:30 for soccer and Nan slept till 11:00 and then left to go to the movies with friends. Hubby got home around 3:00.
 I spent the entire day taking down all the Christmas decorations, tree and cleaning the house. At the moment I'm doing laundry. I don't have very many decorations so I don't know how all you other ladies do it. It took me forever. My house now looks very bare. I seriously need to begin acquiring things for the house to decorate it with.
Hubby put all the decoration boxes up in our pumphouse storage space and burned the tree. Holy Cow...that thing was so dry and dead that it went up like a torch. The flames were so high I was a bit worried. We did a terrible job keeping it watered. 
Now the house is cleaned, the pampered chef stuff I need to deliver tomorrow is on the table waiting to go, and I just took a chocolate cake out of the oven (which I just checked on and it looks like it fell in the middle. I'm not sure it's going to make it. I was pretty sure it was done when I took it out...we'll see). We're having company over tomorrow and I'm serving Four Cheese Fettuccini with chicken, salad and garlic pugliese bread from Costco. I'll also have some broccoli, spinach and mushrooms for people to top their pasta with. It is one meal I know everyone likes and it never fails. We'll serve Moist Chocolate Cake for dessert with just a dusting of powdered sugar and some fresh whipped cream. Oh YUM! I can taste it now. I'll post recipes tomorrow. **The Moist Chocolate Cake is a great cake, I'm not sure what went wrong this time)
The girls are spending the night at a friends house, so the house is very quiet still. Which after today, I need a quiet house. I'm feeling like I'm in a bit of a "funk" and I'm sure I know why, I just need to recognize it and get out of it. Can I tell you that I wouldn't mind if menopause came soon!
I'm hoping to take our girls on Monday to return some things from Christmas and do a little shopping for their rooms. Then it's back to the grind of school. They are a bit behind so I need to find a way to catch them up. 
I'm still researching lenses for my camera. Actually I found what I want. A Nikkor 18-17mm wide angle lens. New, they are about $300. I don't have that right now so I know I can get one on ebay for less. I'd rather have new for warranty issues, but I need one soon. I didn't even use the warranty on my old lens, and it breaks after the warranty expires. Not that it would have been covered anyways since I'm the one who broke it. 
Off to finish the laundry and see if I can salvage the cake. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


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