It's Beginning to Look Alot like Christmas

The Weather has been crazy! Last night it finally stopped snowing and actually looked like things were melting a bit. This morning when we woke up the sky was clear, the sun came out and we all thought it was over and done with. The girls played outside all day anyways. Around 3:00 this afternoon the blue sky clouded over and the snow fell again. I think we got another 2". The unfortunate thing is that it also rained a bit before that and what fell froze on the road. So under all the new snow is a sheet of ice. We babysat for a little boy tonight and his parents couldn't drive up our hill to pick him up so hubby and I had to drive him down.
We are enjoying all this snow though. The girls have been working on school in the evenings so they can go out sooner to play in the mornings. Works for me! I'm hoping to make some caramel corn, soft peanut brittle and a few other goodies with the girls this weekend. The plan is still on to have Kats party on Saturday, but we'll see what happens. 
I'm also having problems with my internet. It seems that from 2:00-evening, I cannot get on at all. I called them and they tried to troubleshoot with me, but we didn't solve anything. Then sometime this evening it popped back on....very weird. The tech said there should be no reason why my pictures won't load to blogger...but it's still not working so he didn't solve my problem very well now did he! 
Well, I'm off to bed even though I'd love to stay up and visit all of you since I was cut off all day! But, I'm tired and need to be with it tomorrow. I'm realizing I really need to sharpen up on my writing skills. I've gotten very lazy.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. We actually avoided todays mess here in Oregon City. Tonight though it snowed enough to stick again That was the first sticking snow we got since Monday. We now only have about half an inch but its undisturbed by cars or wind so its beautiful.

  2. I feel your pain with the internet. We have been having issues with the local internet we were wanting to switch to. They actually said there are probs with the receive on the corner fro mus, but if it doesn't improve from there, we will be sad and back with our old company. I mean, people NEED to see pictures in blogs. Not every day, but its still required. That my opinion least ways.


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