The Countdown begins

I have discovered a few things over the last few days.
#1  The NW is not equipped to handle this kind of snow, nor do many people know how to drive in it. We went out today to do our final shopping (gifts and groceries) and the roads were attrocious (not many snowplows out), and people were a bit nuts.
#2  Wrapping presents takes forever and that's not even doing anything with fancy ribbons or bows. I was lazy and didn't do anything fancy and I think it still took me over an hour to wrap just the girls and hubby's gifts. 
We had a successful day shopping. We left about 9:30 this morning and arrived home at about 4:00. We took my MIL and a friend with us so that they could each take one of the girls and we could go and finish their shopping. It worked great. And due to the weather there weren't many people out so the lines weren't too bad. Many stores were closed due to weather, which is unfortunate not only for shoppers but for business in general. A friend of ours works for Parr lumber and they are closed and will not reopen till after the holidays. Not good for him or the company.
I took some time today to clean the house from the birthday party, straighten up our room and wrap some presents. Tomorrow I'll bake the white chocolate cranberry cookies (I'll post the recipe), PB fudge, some more caramel corn and I think that's it. I'll wrap the rest of the gifts as well. I only need to shop for one niece still. 
We now have about 18" of snow. I walked from the house to the pumphouse today and it was almost over my boots. WOW! But because we are just not used to this here in the NW many things have just shut down. I still haven't gotten my pampered chef order and it was supposed to be here on Wednesday. It is on the truck for delivery (I've been tracking it), but weather is delaying it. I have a feeling I need to head to the post office to get my mail since it hasn't shown up in 2 days. 
Well, it's off to play a game of Scene It Disney with the girls. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Looks like you will have a white Christmas for sure - how fun! Your house looks lovely and it looks like the girls are having a blast! Forgot to comment the other day, but our household LOVES peanut butter, too! Have a very Merry Christmas!


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