Birthday wishes

I mentioned the other day that I was going to share some birthday wishes that I received throughout the day on Tuesday. And I will tell you this, as wonderful as presents are (I did receive some flowers from the two young men who came to spend the remainder of the week with us) these birthday wishes and "declarations" meant the world to me. I am blessed with amazing friends, comrades and those who lead me, and those I lead. Our journey in life is to change the lives of those we come in contact with. When you see the word supernatural, we're not talking weird supernatural, but putting Gods "super" into our natural, living naturally super lives, doing the things that Jesus did and said we would do. He desires us to dream dreams, to encounter him. 
Okay, anyways, these were just really special notes to me on my special day!
  • Have a great bday! Pamper yourself. 
  • Happy Birthday Kirstin! I love you and I’m so glad you were born! You are amazing, incredible, someone I am very proud to know and look  up to! I love you lots
  • Happy Birthday. I would just like to say that you are an amazing person and even if you don’t know, you change everyone that you meet for the better and it helps them in their life journey and I know that if you wanted to, you could change the world.
  • Happy bday. You’re amazing.
  • Happy 40th bday. May you feel and look like the youngest 40 year old woman ever to live.
  • Happy Birthday Pretty Girl!! I declare sweet nectar honey favor and miraculous blessings over you!! Thank you for being nothing less than supernaturally miraculous. You are AMAZING!! Love, love love YOU…..kiss, kiss, kiss
  • Feliz cumpleanos! You are the most amazing person born on the date…special, powerful, anointed! This is going to be a year of release for you from and into. Prophesy over yourself what you want to be released from or into. This is your daddy’s heart for you! You are loved! Shalom! 
  • Happy Birthday Kirstin. You are amazing hop you have a god day!
  • On you Birthday! Deut. 32:11..Like an eagle that rouses her chicks and hovers over her young, so He spreads His wings to taking them in and carried them aloft on His pinions. Kirstin you are that mother eagle.! You are train those under your care to see with His eyes and sore with His strength. The power that your young will possess will be GREAT, for you have told them of His power. And He is your fortress!
  • I wanted to wish you a happy 40th bday. Welcome to the club.
  • Happy Birthday Kirstin. You are amazing. I declare many more revelations of the Kingdom to you this year. Have fun!
  • Lots of hugs and kisses on your bday! You are loved by me!
  • Happy Birthday. I hope you get to do something fun and out of the ordinary today. Supernatural.
  • Sorry this is a day late, but I was going to text you yesterday and when I went to do it my phone was dead….so I thought you might be checking your mail, so here I am saying a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! 40 YEAR OLD BABE!!!      Hope you had a great day celebrating!!!!!!!!!!     May you be refreshed and ready for the season when you return ….you're amazing and out of this world!!  Not out of your mind…but supernatural (not of this world!! HAHA!!)  May this next year bring you new adventures and exciting blessings that will surprise you and win your heart even more than before …a deeper revelation of your love affair with Him and the intimacy you desire…another level of unlocking mysteries that await you as you chase Him down and encounter Him like never before….WOW!!  You could write a book and share all your experiences…we definitely have more to tell the older we get!  SOOOOOOOO….be free to walk out your freedom and have fun in the process!!!!! 
  • Like I said, YOU'RE AMAZING and there are mysteries for us to learn about you too as we continue to discover the treasure that is within you!  You are loved and cherished and held in high regard!!  Enjoy your time with the fam and know that your other fam is here too cheering you on …I believe in you and know that God's best and greatness is all over you not just in you!!!!!

With Joy UNquenchable,


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