Another Snowy Day

Today has been another crazy day in our NW weather. Hubby and I went to town (Vancouver/Portland) at 6:30 this morning (I know...nuts...but Old Navy was giving out gift cards to the first 200 people). The roads weren't terribly bad, though it was snowing and continued to snow the entire time. No one was in the stores (great time to shop if you dared to brave the weather). By the time were heading home the roads became more slick and the snow continued to fall. It only stopped an hour or so ago. The winds have also picked up so it is blowing snow everywhere.
I would venture to guess that we have 14" of snow and maybe a bit more in certain spots. Walking is a bear and driving even worse. Several cars became stuck on our hill.
We still went ahead with Kats party. 3 of the 6 girls she invited came as well as 3 of our young adult girls  whom she really looks up to. They played games, ate a yummy dinner of Creamy White Chicken Chili, salad and cornbread. For her dessert she had her grandma make Whoopie Pies and they had ice cream. Then they headed out to play in the snow. That lasted about an hour and they decided a movie with popcorn sounded wonderful. 
All in all a fun day. Oh, and hubby and I were able to get a few more gifts for the girls today. I even came home with some cute shirts from Old navy. They are having an amazing sale! 
The party girls. 
Thought I'd put a picture of the new snow. It is now impossible to see where the porch stops and the yard begins. Our yard lights (christmas ones) are now buried under the looks really cool when they're on.
One of the games they played was to dress people up like trees. This is nan!
They are predicting freezing and windy weather coming up. We'll see what happens. The wind was pretty loud tonight.'s 11:30 and I'm tired, so it's off to bed. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Looks cold and snowy. Dont ya love this? I have my own snow pics up today!


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