Pumpkin Patch

I had another picture I was trying to post, but it was taking way too long. Anyways! On Saturday my dad came down with my niece to watch the girls' play soccer and get some pumpkins. We have some friends who own a local dairy and every year they have a pumpkin patch with amazingly huge and cheap pumpkins. My girls didn't get any because my Mother-in-law planted some for them in her garden. But they love going to the farm and walking through the patch. I'm telling you, after hauling the cart back to the truck from the patch, I felt like I had gotten a workout! But the kids had a good time and they each came home with a free gourd. I may go back during the week just to take some pictures.
Kat, pushing the cart to haul the pumpkins away. After we filled it, it took both my dad and I pulling it to get it back to the truck.
Kat took most of the pictures. 
I love this one of Nan. Just sitting atop a pumpkin.
Kat and I had went to get a cart and when we came back, we found Nan and my niece (see below) sitting on pumpkins. I couldn't figure out what they were doing, but then I realized that they found ones they wanted and were "holding" them.
My niece.
Their soccer games went well, they still both lost, but Nans team scored 2 points (she scored one of them), and kat's team played so well, the score was 0-1, but the other team didn't score until the end of the second half. But I'm always so proud of how well they play. Kat got nailed in the ankle by another girls cleats and has a nice scrape that is quite painful and uncomfortable. I may need to look into some other guards that go all they way down and protect her ankles. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. What cute pictures. Do you eat the pumpkins or just decorate with them?


  2. Hi Kirstin!
    Great pics- your fave is mine too! :) Ah, I remember those soccer games. Such fun- good memories (even the sprained ankles!). Yay for Nan scoring a goal- awesome!

    Great shots of the flowers-so pretty!

    And you just gave me an idea for my leftover chicken. I think we're goign to have chicken enchiladas tomorrow night! Yum!

    Love, Alyssa

  3. Beautiful pumpkin patch! I know it was a beautiful day for you and a welcome break from working on the house! :)
    Have a blessed week,

  4. These are great pictures! I have dial up at home and it takes FOREVER to download pictures. The Lord is teaching me patience, however.....

    The brownies were really good. My husband loved them.

  5. Wow, those pumpkins are huge!!!

  6. These pumpkins were nothing compared to some of the ones there and they were so inexpensive.


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