My fascination with Dahlias and a picture of our inside concrete.

I thought I'd share a few pictures this morning. Our house is coming along. We are having carpets and a bit of wood flooring put in this week and our cabinets should be coming anytime. We're also waiting for our sinks and shower doors to arrive. The only things left after that will be to install doors (and buy door knobs...a little something we forgot about), countertops and trim. Oh, and buy a stove so I can actually cook my family food. The trim is going to be the tough one to keep us on schedule. It all has to be sanded, stained a few times and installed. That is time consuming. I'll post pictures later of the rest of the floors.  This is a horrible picture of the inside concrete...I'm almost embarrassed to post it because it really doesn't show the true color or stamping. I'll get a better one later. Oh, and I have no idea why I didn't pay attention to the white specks! Sheesh. There were a few flies that decided to rest upon the sealer and they stuck there so they had to be scraped off. It was pretty sick. I promise, I'll post better pictures later. There is no trim on the wall yet, so the yuck on the wall won't show pretty soon...sheesh this is a really bad picture. Just believe me when I say it looks amazing. I'm having issues with my bright walls and lighting getting the true colors of things. Not sure how to remedy that. These aren't my floors or dahlias, but they are my girls and my two nephews (my Brother-in-laws boys). These 4 kids are so fun when they are together. They are all staggered in age by about 1-1 1/2 years apart and get along so amazingly well. Not to mention how cute they all are. It's always funny to me how the older two automatically gravitate to each other as do the younger two. They are always a joy to have around.  They were in town for a few days hunting with their dad and so the girls got to spend some time with them. Otherwise they live about 3 hours away. And onto my fascination with dahlias. I'm telling you, they are my favorite flower. There is just so much variety. I think God had a blast creating these.  My neighbor across the street has a bunch. I'm tempted to go ask if I can pictures of theirs. I had a yellow one that just bloomed on the property. I love the little lady bug on the one picture. I think I mentioned that I'd like to get a few good shots and frame them for my walls in the house. 
Well, this is it for now until more bloom, and I torture you some more. 
Off to clean house and babysit. Tonight I have my second night of my Biggest Loser group. I tell you, I'm very sore at the moment. But I did walk a mile yesterday and I carried my 3 lb. weights with me. Tonight I think we're going to the gym. Ugghh....I'm not sure if I'll be able to move tomorrow. It feels good to exercise and it feels good to be a little more disciplined in my eating. Last night we had youth group and my Kat was over snacks. She planned salad, rolls and pudding. I was so busy talking to people in our coffee shop that I never got in the cafe to eat so I missed snacks. But that was a good thing because I wasn't really hungry and so I wasn't tempted. Yippee. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. The flowers are gorgeous! No wonder you love tham so much! :)

    It is great that your girls have cousins so close in age to them. Ours are all spaced out.
    Have a great weekend.


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