I have a vision....it starts with a garden!

I have a vision for my yard. My hubby doesn't really like to talk about the yard because honestly, at this moment he could care less. He just wants to finish the house. But I on the other hand think about the house....and the yard! I envision a huge patio area with lots of containers filled with overflowing flowers. I'd love to have one of those "fake" creeks running through my yard. I saw one at a home show that I want...only about $7,000. Yikes...Blueberries, and raspberries and strawberries, and lots and lots of flowers. AND....a garden. I cannot wait to have a garden again. Now, I don't have tons of money so these things will probably accumulate over the years and I'm hoping to get lots of starts from lots of friends, which to me is much more fun, and memorable than buying them....okay and cheaper too. Years ago I gardened with a friend at her house. It was so fun. I wanted a garden but had no room, she had room, wanted a garden, but didn't really know what to do..so we gardened together. We did it several ways. My favorite was when we talked our hubby's into making us raised, square beds like I had seen in one of Martha Stewarts gardening magazines. I loved gardening that way. One day I'll find pictures, scan them and post them. But for the last several years I have not had a garden. Hopefully that will change next year. See the nice outlined area? Okay, so it's not nicely outlined...I cannot make a straight line for the life of me...but this gives you an idea. This is where I'd like to have a garden next year. I think it is enough away from the house that when we build the next phase it can stay here...maybe. It gets good sun and I won't really have to cut too many, if any trees down. I think it'll be big enough. I'm sure my hubby will think I'm in way over my head this first year, but I'm anxious and I want to can. So I think it'll work. Plus I want a spot to put flowers and plants that people might give me that I may not have a place to plant in the yard for awhile (did that sentence just make sense?) Oh, well. I am always looking at my Territorial Seed Catalog drooling over all the varieties to be found there. I plan on planting everything from.... something that starts with A all the way to Zuchinni. I plan on canning pickles, tomatoes, tomato sauce, homemade spaghetti sauce, salsa, beans, etc....I just can't wait. I can't wait to be able to share with others the things we grow! And we'll share because I always plant too much (C: Yippee...I'm excited! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love the joy you take from the idea of such a wonderful garden, it looks amazing and I love the idea of such a large area to plant things. I grew up with a garden, I love fresh vegitables, and find nothing tastes as good as something you were able to pull from the ground (or off a vine) yourself. I aspire to this, and hope with all my heart to move into a place that'll let me be one with the earth in that way.

    I wonder how you'll do your garden? I've recently become a fan of raised beds, but as I get older (and lazier) I have decided I don't want to bend over to weed the garden... is it unrealistic to have a raised garden by about 3 feet?

  2. When I was growing up as a child we had a huge garden right in the middle of our back yard..it's almost sad to go home for a visit and see the garden shrink with every visit...I do have fond memories of plunking myself down for a tasty snack...all our friends used to meet us in the garden after school for a grazing session before heading into the woods to play...

    good memories...that is for sure. May you make many memories with your garden :o)


  3. I love the color in the girls' room. Let them know that their 47 year old aunt still gets paint on the ceiling...you can cover it up or wipe it off.

    Remember Ma & Bapa's garden in Ohio? The grapevines and fresh tomatoes were my favorite.

  4. I popped over from Simply Stork's blog. I feel your pain, although your house is wayyy farther along than ours. I grew up in NE Oregon, so I remember the heat. Alabama is also hot, but not usually in the 100's (it just feels like it :).
    Blessings to you as you finish your house and move on to the garden.

  5. Good luck with your plans. I love to garden as well. It looks like you are really busy, I wish you much luck. We moved not too long ago and have another move coming in less than a month (hopefully the last one though) so I feel your pain and excitement. Your daughters room looks great. So bright and colorful and fun!
    Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to meet you.
    Shimmy Mom

  6. Your plans sound wonderful! I know you are getting excited about everything starting to fall into place. Your house and gardens are going to be lovely. I anxiously await the final results.


  7. I sure wish you lived near me! I have the room, and I'd love to have one, but just don't have the motivation or the know how to do so. We had a small one last year with tomatoes, cabbage, and watermelon. The cabbage didn't make it, but the rest did. My hubby did most of the work, but he just doesn't have much time to deal with it. So I wish I could just do it! But I kill more things than I can get to grow!


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