Kitchen Tip Tuesday: No-stick grilling

I always get comments whenever I say I'm making anything with elk meat. In the Northwest Elk and Deer are often common staples in homes where hunters reside. My hubby isn't a hunter, but we have plenty of friends who are and they bless us with game meat quite often. And for that we are grateful because I just love elk meat. It has almost no fat and amazing flavor. And hubby can eat it without it bothering his stomach the way beef does. Yesterday I was going to grill some elk burgers. I was getting ready to grab the cooking spray when I remembered something someone had told me to do instead. Take an onion and cut it in half. Rubbing the onion over the grills will keep the meat from sticking. A potato also does the same job, but the onion will also flavor your meat a bit. It works. I tried it yesterday. That was my kitchen tip. Head over to tammy's recipes for more tips.
Grilled elk burgers I prepared my burgers by adding an egg, some teriyaki sauce, and some garlic powder. You can add anything you want, but want to add the egg to bind it together since there's no fat to do that.
It has a different look and texture than ground beef.
Ready for grilling! Because there's no fat, they also don't' shrink down in size. Our burgers fit perfectly on the bun. I did think they were a little dry. I might have put too much egg in (I used 2 because I had more meat). Or I might add more liquid next time. Some BBQ sauce or liquid smoke might be good.
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  1. We often have deer or elk venison in our freezer. Since we process the meat ourselves I customize the mix by adding 1/3 beef chuck roast ground up with the venison so it holds together. When I make sausage I add 1/3 pork roast and sweet sausage seasoning(I get it from my butcher). The key is using beef/pork roasts with the fat on them since venison is so lean it crumbles.

  2. Audley will appreciate this tip as he hates spraying the grill with Pam. The burgers look yummy! There is something about a grilled burger (whether it be beek, venison, buffalo, or elk) in the summer that is just wonderful!


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