Central Oregon Weekend: Part 2 of 2

Finally I was able to upload pictures from the soccer game. I still had some problems. Not sure what was up with that. So, our girls for the last 4 years have played "Rec" soccer and have been undefeated for the last 2 or 3 years. Their coaches (one of them being my hubby) decided they wanted to go "select" which is the next step up. The girls are more serious about soccer and it just gets tougher.....oh, and more expensive (C: But for us, it's the only sport our girls play, so that's okay. This weekend we played in a Central Oregon Shootout which many if not all select teams. This was the first tournament, first games our girls played at this level. They are in a U-14 bracket which they played in, however we didn't realize that we could play in the age bracket that we played in the fall which was U-13. Which meant other teams could do the same. We played 4 games over the weekend and I think every team we played were girls that were two years older than ours. Can we just say that this was a real character building, lesson learning weekend. They lost every game. Lost isn't even the word...we got beat up! We did not score one goal! Oh, yes we did....our girl was blocking a goal and it bounced off her and into the goal, scoring for the other team. That became a joke for the weekend. But they handled it well and their attitudes for the most part were amazing. They have amazing coaches who just encouraged them all the way. They built them up and really just expected them to go in and give it 100%. Even the tournament board said they were impressed with how our girls handled it all. They learned what things they need to work on. They learned that it's going to be a tougher season and they need to be willing to work hard for what they want. I learned that in 85 degree, Central Oregon you make sure that your sunscreen is very well and very evenly applied. Needless to say, I learned this lesson the hard way. I was proud of myself for using sunscreen, until the end of the day when I realized I missed several spots. Along with the top of my head being burned to the point of not really being able to touch it. And my bottom lip has looked like I had a shot of BOTOX. It is not a pretty site, though Kat said "mom, you're really pretty". And she was serious...I don't know if she's delirious or what. Maybe it's that with a tanned face and puffy lips and graying hair I look better....Nan informed me today that "mom, you're hair is really, really gray". Okay, gotta color, but now that'll have to wait longer...since I don't even want to touch the top of my head. Oh, well lessons learned. Enjoy the pictures. And no, there aren't any of my burned body!
Our amazing, goofy girls. It was hard to keep them out of the sun. I think they thought we were on vacation. Kat is in the front, far right with the ball between her legs. She did get the ball a few times.
And she landed on the ball...
"ouch"....I could read her lips!
We got this close to the goal only 2 or 3 times.
Our poor goalie did awesome. We teased her that for the past few years she's complained about not getting any action and this weekend she got more action than she bargained for. I'm proud of Kat. She's a hard worker and she doesn't give up. She's a real team player.
They got new uniforms this weekend too. A blue and a red. They didn't have their red shirts so they just wore their old white ones.
I actually really like the tie dye shirts and am trying to talk hubby into doing them for Nans team in the fall.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. You have some really great shots of the soccer games....it is awesome when you can read their expressions!
    Sorry you are so sunburned. I've been there this summer as well. It is not fun!


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