Menu Plan Monday

Wow, I just realized this morning that it's menu plan Monday and I didn't have a menu. I'm bad, I's just been hard the last few weeks. But....I do have ideas brewing in my head! Our weather is supposed to actually get into the 80's this week...okay I just got back up from falling off my chair...not really, but trust me when I saw that on the news I said "you've got to be kidding"! So the grill will be used this week. Yippee!!! Last week I had made some spaghetti sauce for the family while I was away, and they didn't use it, so it went in the freezer and I will make spaghetti probably Tuesday. The rest of the week will be:
BBQ'd Chicken with roasted potatoes and roasted veggies on the grill
Grilled Salmon, roasted asparagus and either potatoes or rice
Pizza (my family has wanted this). Homemade of course
Out to eat tonight (Monday)
Who knows what else...maybe some elk burgers on the grill
Lately it's just kind of been going with the flow. We will be up at our property quite a bit so depending on what time we come down will depend on dinner. I will be sure to have some things that are quick and easy to throw together and fairly light. We have been into Pita's for lunch. I like to toast mine with a slice of cheese in it (so it melts), then stuff it with tuna salad. Yum-O!! I'm sure with the hot weather we'll do some smoothies as well.
Later I will post the recipe for a quick and yummy casserole I made last week. I could eat the whole thing all by myself.
With Joy UNquenchable,


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