A Real Trooper

My Nan had a dentist appointment today to have 4 teeth filled. She did so well. I love our dentist...it's kind of a love hate relationship. Love them, hate going. It is a great office with father and two sons running the show. My hubby used to see the dad when he was little. So he grew up in that office. It used be located in an old house and several years ago they finally built a new office on the same lot. I have had so much work done (I think 5 crowns, not to mention several fillings) that I joked around with them that I wanted a plaque in my honor in one of the rooms because I probably paid for it. The staff is so friendly (two of the ladies have known my hubby since he was little). They always have a bread machine going with the smell of fresh bread wafting throughout the office (which if you're the one in the dentist chair is just pure torture knowing you cannot leave the office and eat a piece of anything)! Above each chair is a TV screen so you can watch the latest cooking show (and drool even more...I have serious saliva and gag issues...I know, probably too much information...sorry), or the kiddos get to watch Disney (great distraction). So anyways, four fillings later we left the office (we really do take care of our teeth). She is still numb, and starting to get a little sore, but she's a trooper and is now down the street playing with a little girl from our church. She's only 2 (the little girl) but she loves Nan and her mom is pregnant and so having my daughter go play lets her put her feet up. Okay, now I'm really off to get some other stuff done, unless I come up with a great kitchen tip!! Bye!! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I need to make our 6 month cleaning appointmetns. Thankfully there is no fresh bread baking while we're theredb!


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