Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Salmon

We love Salmon, but we don't fish (much to my dad's dismay...he simply cannot believe I live 2 blocks from the river and I buy my salmon from the store...sorry dad). Anyways! I used to buy a half of a salmon from Costco's meat department. I'd bring it home, cut it into individual portions and freeze it. Then I discovered that in Costco's frozen food section they sell bags of individually vac packed salmon fillets. They are often even less in price and I get about the same if not a tad more salmon. This makes for easy defrosting, I can grab however many fillets I need and off we go to cook a quick, yummy meal. As much as I'd love the fresh stuff, I do with what I can get. I don't notice any difference in taste, so this has been the way I've gone. And they don't get freezer burn if I don't use them fast enough.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. That's what I used - C. salmon! I cook it about once a week and the leftovers we eat in salad. YUM!


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