A Great Trip

Like I said the other day, we had a great trip to Redding, California. We (my hubby, myself, our Pastors and 5 others) traveled to Bethel Church for a "School of Transformation". My hubby and I and our Pastors attended this school last year (it has several phases), and this year we brought a team with us. Because we had heard much of what was being taught, the 4 of us skipped out on some of the afternoon sessions. And honestly, it was lots of fun. We don't get much one on one time with Pastors (just as couples) and this was nice. We went for a walk along the Sacramento river, went to the mall, and just hung out. It was a refreshing time. It was also just plain fun to be with the others that were there. It's always wonderful to have that bonding time relationally. I always enjoy going to Bethel and getting more and more "revelation" downloaded from the Holy Spirit. By far my favorite speaker of the week was Danny Silk. The guy is an amazing communicator. Of course Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton are amazing as well, but both were gone last week. On Thursday the group at the school (29 of us total) were totally blessed and ministered to by Bethel's intercessors. They truly pray for God's heart for the group they will be ministering to and they felt that for us the word from the Lord was that he wanted to remove the "lid" off our minds. The time was so amazing and refreshing. An amazing time of being ministered to. They had a room all decked out with various spots around the room that you could go to. A place where they would wash your feet and hands while praying for you and prophesying over you. Another spot for anointing with oil and another for just soaking in His presence. (Okay, I've quite possibly lost some of you already, but if you're a little confused or thinking this is "weird", that's alright, just ask God to lift the lid and reveal something to you). One gal was praying for my hubby and I and she said she saw us as a knight and a princess (how romantic huh)..only I wasn't in typical princess attire (figures...no really, this is good), she saw me in armor as well, that I was a "warrior princess" and that we were over different tactical areas but complemented each other. Now the cool thing is..that for the last few years I have used and fallen in love with the thought of a "warrior princess". I heard Bobbie Houston from Hillsong Church in Australia speak on that very subject and since then it has been a passion to see young ladies see themselves that way. This sweet lady has never met me, and never would have known that was strong in my heart. Oh, it was just an amazing time, and an amazing week. Please check out the links in this post. They are great. Oh, we visited the Sundial Bridge while in Redding, which is a glass bottom bridge over the river. I admit I was a bit nervous, but you can't really see through the glass so that made me feel much better. I'm still working on a fear of heights issue. And glass bottom bridges don't work too well with that fear. But it was pretty cool. While we were in Redding, we stayed at the Almond House..what a cute house. I loved her kitchen and the room we stayed in. It is a wonderful hospitality house. Our girls did well while we were away. They stayed at the home of one of our young adult girls. They were sick with colds and it is so hard being away when they are sick, but they were troopers and had a blast. Okay, I'll be done for now. The girls are both gone and I need to get a few things accomplished. With Joy UNquenchable,


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