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I've got just a little bit of time and I wanted to write about a few things. So, have you seen the above product in your grocery stores or tried it?
While in California recently, a friend and I were browsing the yogurt display at a local grocery store and this caught my eye. Why? Because my youngest daughter is a pancake fanatic! She would have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to mention a snack or two in between. So of course, pancake batter in a can would catch my eye....and....the ingredients weren't all that bad either...Filtered water, Organic wheat flour (unbleached), Organic cane sugar, Organic whole egg solids, Organic soybean powder, Sodium lactate (lactic acid from beet sugar), DiCalcium phosphate and Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) (leavening agents),Organic rice bran extract propellant
My local stores don't carry it, but I did notice a few grocery stores in Portland that do, so next grocery trip we will be buying one can to try it out. If anything else, my daughter will have a blast making her own pancakes from a pun intended (on the blast part). Also check out this cool blog. Martha, at Real World Martha decided to take every letter of the alphabet and each day, using one letter share some type of tip! She's up to the letter "D" and her tips are great. What a way cool idea Martha...wish I had thought of it.
**NOTE**: I didn't have the correct link for Real World Martha...and guess what..silly me put her name as Martha and that's not it at all...Oh good grief! I give up! Forgive me...
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. That is so cool! I've never seen anything like that. I'm going to have to see if our grocery store carries it & give it a try! :)
    Love, Alyssa

  2. The pancafe batter looks really neat. I'll have to check it out here! My kids also love pancakes and this looks like a do-it-yourself treat for them!
    Have a great week,


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