Menu Plan Monday

Boy it's already time to think about what I'll make this week. To be honest with you I really haven't been in the mood to think about it. We had a long weekend and I'm just plumb tuckered out. Plus hubby and I got up and wen tot the gym this morning! (Our gym is located in an old milking barn at one of the local farms). Don't's a really nice gym! Anyways we are continuing on the neverending quest for healthier eating and living! There are days I get frustrated, but I know it's worth it. I'll share a story that happened last night, but not on this post, because then you won't want to eat. Anyways, my thoughts for the week are as follows: Salmon cooked in balsamic vinegar and olive oil w/seasonings, veggie and baby potatoes. Our lunch plans fell through yesterday and I needed to throw something together. This was so yummy! I made steamed green beans and I had found these teeny potatoes at Trader Joes (seriously probably only an inch in diameter if even that) I'll post the recipes tomorrow. Chicken Paprikash (my aunt sent the recipe and it is sitting beside me on my desk and sounded yummy) Seasoned chicken with roasted veggies (I posted this last week I believe) Maybe the elk strogonoff I still haven't gotten around to making. This weekend our church is hosting a conference and some of the ministry team are staying in various host homes (one being my inlaws), so I'm sure we will go there for dinners on Saturday and Sunday. Friday night and after church on Sunday we are hosting the meals for the team and our leaders at the church so we will be there for meals on those days. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. ohhhh Elk Strogonoff...tell me how that goes! sounds yummy!

  2. Sounds wonderful....boy I'm hungry now.

  3. Have you ever bought ground Buffalo? It's quite lean and very just tastes like the best ground beef you've ever had...very yummy!

  4. Robin,
    I have had buffalo and it is sooo yummy! I also really like ground elk meat as well. It's just so much more leaner than beef. Plus my hubby doesn't do well with beef (digestive wise), but elk, buffalo, don't bother him.


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