Kitchen Tip Tuesday: parchment paper

Maybe the rest of you have been using parchment paper for years, but I have only just begun using it and love it! I used to only think it was to put on the bottom of cake pans. I began using it on my cookie sheets because I just wasn't happy with how my cookies were turning out on the baking sheets I had and the oven I was cooking them in. It worked wonders and saved on cleanup. Then the other day I went to make some salmon and realized I didn't have any tin foil left to put in the bottom of the pan. I seemed to remember a recipe that wrapped fish in parchment paper and thought "why not just put it on the bottom of the pan". It worked wonderfully! I will be using it more often now. Check back later today. I hope to post a few recipes for Chicken Paprikash and for the salmon I made on Sunday. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love using parchment paper, however, I ran out of my stock that I got from Pampered Chef and just really haven't taken the time to look at the price of it in the store. I just might need to think about getting some, right now I use wax paper for things but I don't use it in the oven! :)

  2. I haven't been using parchment paper very long either..but isn't it great stuff?!

    Thanks for your encouraging comment and email today!

  3. I have never used parchment paper believe it or not. I actually got a sample of it a while back and have never even used it.

    I'll have to now try it when baking cookies.

    Thanks for the idea!


  4. It tends to be a little spendy in the stores. I had gotten some from Pampered chef, and then when it was gone never bought it again, till I found some on sale. That's the only time I buy it.

  5. Hello. great blog you have here. I'll definitely be subscribing to your feed.

    i totally agree with you on the parchment paper. I started using it a couple of months ago when I had a recipe that called for it, and now I use it for a bunch of stuff. and it save me from scraping pans!

  6. Love parchment paper! I keep a good supply in my pantry :)


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