Birthday Partay! Ultimate Blog Party

Well we partied all night long last night. Yep my Nan turned 9 yesterday and we had her first sleepover. And boy am I tired! First we made the pizza's..homemade crust that was amazing! Then came the toppings. Pepperoni, cheese and olives
pepperoni, ground turkey, cheese and olives and my favorite: Cheese, turkey, tomatoe, olive, green pepper and ...I forgot the mushrooms. The cupcakes...there were supposed to be soccer balls on the grass, but I forgot to buy soccer balls so we went with peppermint patties dipped in white frosting.
The table was set.
The party girls...I blurred faces since I didn't get permission from each girls mom to post their faces, and I don't know what the blog etiquette is for posting pictures of other people. The non-blurred face and silly string culprit is my Nan.
Oh, she loves to draw and color!
A little limbo~~even the dog got in on the fun!
It was a great party! It was pretty cute. There were 4 girls plus my youngest (the birhtday girl) who stayed the night. THey were put in the back bedroom and at 11:00 were supposed to quiet down and go to sleep. At 11:20 they called me down the hall and asked if they could come and sleep with me in the living room (we were at my inlaws) all the little girls and myself crowded into the living room to sleep. When asked why they wanted to sleep down with me one little girl piped up "we don't feel secure" cute is that.
Now for the Ultimate Blog Party. I'm tellin ya, I don't know the first thing about this thing and most of you seriously go all out. Sheesh!
The three prizes I'd most like to win are:
#100 from Jill-inc
#91 from geggie
I also wouldn't mind winning #67 and #60. All the prizes looked cool, but many were for babies or things I just don't do. I loved the arbonne ones, but couldn't figure out how to enter those..there was no link. So if anyone knows, let me in on it.
I also don't know how to keep a certain post at the top, so oh, well. I'm personally too tired to care at the moment. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Kirstin- Thanks for stopping by for my blog party....and...those pizzas look delicious!

  2. Looks like they had a great time.. My kids always do the sleep over party, they are fun..
    I'm glad a good time was had by all.

  3. The birthday party looks like it was great fun and those pizzas look amazing! I am looking for a homemade whole wheat recipe...
    Have a great day!

  4. Your party looks wonderful! I enjoyed looking at all the fun pictures. I'm glad I stopped by!

  5. Robin...I too am looking for a great whole wheat pizza recipe, so if you find one pass it my way and I'll do the same...I had one, but wasn't thrilled so I actually added some white to it and it was decent. I'll find it and send it to you.

  6. Happy birthday Nan! It sounds like you had a great birthday.

    I'm handing you over to E now, so good bye and God bless.


    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day. That party sounded like great fun, wish I was there too!


  7. Hey Kirstin!

    I dont know if I commented back yet! Thanks for visiting my site! I hope you win the makeover - that way - you dont win #91- because I really want that one! :) Just kidding! Ok, maybe only kidding a little! Your party looks fun! Have a great Monday!


  8. Woodland? You must live in Skagit County with all the tulips I see on your blog. :-) I used to live in Anacrotes, my parents still live there. I also lived in Mount Vernon. I lived on the bike route during the tulip festival. Nice to meet you. Would love for you to stop by my blog party, I am playing a guessing game. :-)

  9. Oh it's so good to meet you and I'll be back. Looks like we have lots in common but I'm on my way out the door to help a friend who is moving.

    Just wanted to say congrats on wining my Starbucks card!!

    I'll be in touch later, or you can email me your info. . .
    mochawithlinda at gmail dot com

  10. Very cute story, especially when you thought you might get a little private time at the end, and they wanted to join you in the living room. Your a great parent, because being a great parent is being there when the need you. Enjoy your time with your family and friends.


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