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I must admit, I haven't given a whole lot of thought into this weeks menu. I think I will end up browsing other menus for ideas. I'm battling a cold and so nothing really sounds that good...especially when you can't smell a thing! So I don't have any ideas for specific days. Tonight which is Monday, we are having Cabbage rolls, rice with veggies and foccacia bread (which I love and buy at Costco). Maybe this week I'll do some type of bean soup, maybe a homemade pizza, and something with the elk meat I have in the freezer. So I know I'm not much help in the menu department this week, but hey, some weeks are like that! I love reading all your menus and visiting your sites (I need more hours in the day).
I did make a very quick meal the other night that everyone enjoyed. I made thin spaghetti noodles. During the last 3 minutes of cooking I added chopped broccoli, and sliced carrots to the water. Earlier I sauteed chicken. I combined the noodles, chicken and veggies in a bowl and added some Kraft Asian sesame dressing to it. Tossed and served it. Less than 30 minutes and it was so good. Even good as a leftover.
Over the next few weeks my hubby is asking that we low-carb it...(how can a woman with Italian blood low carb it...). He wants more veggies...anyone have any great links or good recipes?
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  1. One of my hubby's favorite low carb meals is our Italian meatballs. Instead of eating with spaghetti, we will get the low-carb tortillas and make wraps. Yum! We did low carb a while back, and I'm tying to remember more of the things we did. Lots of chicken or tuna salad - and you can add extra veggies there, and eat wrapped in lettuce. (Get good dark leaves - the iceberg has no nutritional value.) Um, lots of wings - we love the tequilla lime ones you can get from Sam's (and probably Costco). I'm drawing a blank thinking of more. Just lots of protein and veggies, skipping the bread, pasta and potatoes! I do have a recipe somewhere of a pizza quiche that is low carb. FULL of cheese, and oh so yummy! If you want it, let me know!

  2. Mmmmmmmm, I want to eat dinner with you! Cabbage roll are so yummy, but the kiddos really don't care for them. I fixed a sirloin roast with dijon/balsamic marinated asparagus and a salad. Basketball season kicks off tonight, so we'll be doing the crock pot thing on game nights.
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