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This meme always cracks me up.

This weeks theme for #WQ is somewhat multi-faceted, but they can actually all intertwine. Easter, awakening and renewal. They all have their place in our lives and in the story of Christ's death and resurrection. I've got kind of a hodgepodge of quotes and photos this week. 

I meant to share the above quote with my #sundaystills and #WQ last week, but forgot it. 

Last years Easter craft. 

Last year hunting for Easter eggs.

I was trying to think about a photo(s) to go along with renewal. Obviously I did think of "renewable energy", but that wasn't the route I wanted to go. Then I scrolled past photos of many butterflies I had taken when we were at the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory, and I thought, "what a beautiful picture of renewal"...they are often viewed as symbols of transformation, hope, and rebirth, of resurrection. They go into their cocoon as a caterpillar, and often appear dead, until they emerge later, more beautiful than before, with a new purpose. 

I took this screen shot from a video. This was called the nursery. What an incredible process. Wow, I actually got a few videos to load. I didn't know how to make them bigger...if you watch carefully, you can see some of them moving inside. 

We should live a life that is filled with constant renewing of our spirit, soul and bodies...always growing, changing, learning. 

The perk of having a daughter or in this case, a sister, your grandkids/kids always get their pics taken with her new sets to advertise. 

My grandma and I in front of a popular Easter basket in Lorain, Ohio. It's been there since 1941. During springtime, it's filled with really large Easter Eggs and an Easter Bunny. 


With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Wonderful post, Kirstin. Hope you and your family have a lovely Easter. You have some great activities for Easter.


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