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This weeks theme is Abstract...it could have also been readers choice, but since I'm not a fan of the abstract (or so I tell myself) and I don't know if I even have any photos to go with it, I decided to challenge myself and go with that word. It's always interesting to do some research and expand my understanding. 

I tend to take things literally...when I think of abstract, I think of abstract art, forgetting that it can apply in other areas, like the english language. 

What's the definition of abstract? It is existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence, to consider (something) theoretically or separately from something else. Not concrete, hard to understand. 

When I searched the word abstract in Google, it popped up words like ideas, photography, art, concepts, expressionism...wow. That could send me on a bunny trail for sure. I was way too tired for that..I did however find a few quotes that stuck out to me. Ones that made me go "hmmmmm". I also pulled a few photos that maybe by literal definition aren't considered "abstract", I thought they might fit. 

Brick sidewalk in Boston along the Freedom Trail. I suppose this could be considered a form of abstract photography...I zoomed in enough to where you're not really sure what it is, though leaves on the ground give it away...from another angle, it could look like a wall perhaps. 

This quote was interesting. I was trying to find out what she meant by this. She lived from 1849-1926 and was a Swedish teacher, write, peace activist, etc. A few variants of the quote add "wheras a happy world brings forth an art of the here and now", and "while a world at peace produces realistic art". 

So perhaps her thought was that the horrors of the world (war, etc) will cause people to turn inward and create a world of their own making, to express themselves more in what they "feel" rather than what they "see" around them? Hmmm...
This painted shell in Plymouth, MA seemed a bit abstract. You have to look closely to really see what it is, and even then, it's probably open to interpretation. 

I found this quote interesting because I love photography and I want to challenge myself to see things a bit differently. I tried finding what he meant in this and I'll probably still keep looking and I'll probably ponder it a bit more. 

When we were in Montpelier, Vt I saw this cool "art" painted onto the road. On one of the photos I did a closer crop. 

I chuckled a bit at this one, because I always say I struggle to visually "see" things in my mind. But I really liked this thought. 

When in Las Vegas one year, this art piece, created entirely from flowers was just stunning and so unique. 
I loved this unique display at a little Italian bookshop. Creative and eye catching!
I have a cousin who lives in Cali and he creates some of the most interesting art pieces. He also shares many photos on his IG page that, to me, are more on the abstract side...photos as he's out and about...maybe a shadow on a building, or something else very eye catching and interesting. 

I had totally forgotten about the "abstract" side to language. And English was always my favorite subject..ha!!
I found these two pieces on our trip to Italy and Switzerland. The above is located in Basel, Switzerland at the Basel Exhibition hall. It's called Window to Heaven. The sculpture below is in Como, Italy and is called "Life Electric" and is 54' high. It pays homage to famed scientist Alexander Volta who is from the city.  

The above glass tree is in Murano, Italy, known for it's glass blowing. So unique don't you think? 

I had to add a photo after reading Pictures Imperfect's post. I think this was 2012 and I was still learning how to use my camera. Well, somehow I managed to get my girls in decent focus but the background blurry (completely by accident). We loved how the colors looked and ended up putting this on a canvas that was in my husbands office for quite awhile. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Wow, I'm super impressed with all your research and where it led you, Kirstin. You found so many examples in your photographs from all over the world. I particularly like the Window to Heaven. The shell is amazing. That woman lived through so many wars and died on the brink of the Second World War. I can imagine how unsettled she was. That quote is interesting. so many commenters have said how they don't really like abstract art, and for the most part the United States has had a peaceful existence during our lifetime, with the exception of 911. That's not to say there was peace in the world or even that everything was all right here, but no mass destruction like happened in the Civil War or during the World Wars. This was a thought-provoking post, Kirstin.


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